With eyes tightly closed, my hand reached up and over the rim, blindly entering the dark bag. He was purposely holding it above eye level; there wasn’t the slightest possibility of seeing what awaited inside.
The bag, a soft, dark green crushed velvet version, had draw strings at the top that fell lifeless as my hand entered the bag’s opening. I groped through its darkness in hopes of grasping the perfect piece of paper. I could sense many possibilities. Like a child hoping to pull out the best number, I quietly wished for good news, an answer to this prayer that fit my fleshly desires. 
But would that really be good news?
Inside, nerves fluttered at the thought of not getting what I wanted. 
Breaking down the strong-willed child wall that was attempting to build once again, I whispered,  
“God, You know best,” and relinquished control.
God always knows best, and even more than my fleshly, let-me-have-the-reigns, prideful desire, I wanted  
His will. He had always been faithful. Certainly, this would be no different because He’s not a God that changes.
As you’ve probably guessed, I was not pulling out a real number, as it wasn’t a real bag. I was offering a prayer and waiting nervously for God’s response. Sometimes, when we offer prayers that we really don’t necessarily want to hear the answer to, it feels much like picking numbers, or tiny pieces of paper with prayer answers on them in this case, out of a bag. We’re at the mercy of what’s on that paper.
Lord, is this what you really want? Do you want us to move to Oklahoma? I’ll go if it’s You calling, but that’s the only way….
To hear more of this story, stay tuned. It will come in a subsequent post. 
For now, though, I want you to know that you have been heard. From responses on Facebook to the survey input, you have given wonderful insight. Thank you!
You have asked for posts that:
~ help you make it through life
~draw you closer to God
~give encouragement for the day.


Your answers are right up the path God has me walking. Let’s do this together, okay? We’ll start with a series that can draw anyone into intimacy with our Father.

Prayer is a tool, although “tool” sounds so cold compared to the warmth prayer encompasses, that fits nicely with your input. We’ll start there, and while we at it, we’ll make it a month of prayer. Okay? 
Is that backward, making November our prayer month when the month is typically more about thanksgiving? No, I think not. Prayer can include thanksgiving as well as requests. It can include listening as well as speaking. Prayer is key for intimacy with God.




Look for posts each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here’s what you can expect:
Monday ~ Ultra-encouraging guest posts or yours truly. (There are several NEAT gals posting on Mondays…you won’t want to miss their encouragement for your walk.)


Wednesday ~ Practical tips centered around prayer. These are the kind that can be put into use today, tomorrow, or even the next day. They are tips that hold maturity’s hand.

Friday ~ Book reviews, books on prayer, of course.

Mingled among M, W, and F posts will be Scripture prayer cards and a give-away! Stay tuned for more information in a later post.
Set your clocks for Monday, and turn your hearts for prayer. After this week’s regular practical posts, I’ll see you there!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Barbara. (And, I do recognize you from Compel!) I’ll look forward to seeing you next week here at “the Branch” and at Compel in the meantime. Pray on….

  2. Looking forward to what God will do in the lives of those who visit your site in November. I just believe He shows up when some of His folks are praying. Love your topic.

  3. I love your images. And it is so true – “Prayer is key to intimacy with God.” You can’t know Him until You sit in His presence. You can’t hear Him unless you listen for Him.