Are You Adamant in Your Faith?

AdamantAre you adamant in your faith?

Take a peek at the subtitle to Lisa Bevere’s new book, and you’ll gather a solid understanding of her newest release. Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions says it all. The content of this read sits solidly in those words.

Lisa dares say what many of us contemplate. In a crowd of opinions, our world appears to be tilting. She brings us straight back to the truth of God Almighty, bringing answers to questions and stability to uncertainty.

Consider this book a call to be adamant.

I think back twenty years ago to a time when an unchurched friend assured he didn’t know that Jesus stood central in both Easter and Christmas celebrations. I think my mouth hung wide open and nearly down to the floor with that response. What United States citizen didn’t know about Jesus? (Small world I lived in, right?)

This friend had never been to church and only knew Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Back then, his story proved unusual, hence, my inner gasp and disbelief. But today? Call it common all the way.

My concern is that as technology progresses, Jesus will be shoved back in a corner even more so, a blanket of worldly views tossed over top him, leaving our hope and Savior completely hidden to the next generation. It’s already happening. I won’t name the areas, but I see this in several online situations already.

Lisa expresses concern and an urgency to release this message. Perhaps she sees the same situations. It’s a call to adamancy in the things of Jesus Christ, in Truth. Lisa addresses intimacy, constancy, love, hate, truth, word, transformation, and holiness amid these pages.

Are you adamant about the things of Christ?

Below are a few highlights I marked in my copy. Perhaps you’ll also gather from these words Lisa offered:

  • “Intimacy leaves no room for shadowed spaces, so do not hide. Your Father sees and loves the real you. Trust that the one who formed you will also breathe his life into you.”
  • “We worship God, not love.”
  • “The flame of his love does not flicker in the wind of our waywardness.”
  • “What does it mean to be resolute? It means adamant. Immovable, uncompromising, and invincible.”

I enjoyed Adamant and its charge for action, belief, and love. I love how Lisa Bevere is taking a stand against the crashing wave of opinions we face. My hope is that this book reaches wide and goes deep with readers to answer questions caused by opinions today.

Adamant is available wherever books are sold.

* The publisher supplied a free copy of Adamant in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

    Nothing and no one will thwart His power, no matter how bleak things look around us.

    These are the times to affirm our faith and live it out with a peaceful assurance that He is in charge.