Are You Praying These Powerful Prayers Over Your Kids?

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Do you offer powerful prayers over your kids? When set before the Almighty, rest assured. Prayer remains a mighty weapon in the battle against evil.

But what if we flounder? Sometimes I find myself groping in the dark for words, direction, or Scripture.

I simply don’t know what to pray.

Prayer books (books containing prayers repeatable by readers) slide in as a helpful tool. I use them. What about you? Today’s review covers two.

The good news for those of us searching for powerful prayers? Both reads focus solely on words and topics for parents to pray over kids. And the couple authoring these two? They’re gems.

“Stranger “Danger”: How My Story Intersects with These Prayer Books

Allow me to give a little backstory first.

In 2015, I attended She Speaks, a Proverbs 31 Ministry conference for Christian women writers and speakers. Attendees flooded a Facebook group, listing flight numbers, days, and times in hopes of finding cost-share “buddies” for cab travels from the airport to the venue. (Conference costs add up fast!)

Two women flying in from different parts of the country were scheduled to land at similar times as me. Enter sweet Joanna Teigen and beautiful Grace. The three of us connected and shared the fare.

(As a mother, I’d be screeching “stranger danger!” right about now. After all, we met online. But this story unfolded in a beautiful way. I found a lasting friendship in these strangers named Grace and Joanna. I thank my Father for them.)

As we conversed, Joanna humbly mentioned writing a book. No fanfare. No “ta-da.” Just the fact that she wrote something on prayer. And that was it.

Favorite Prayer Books

It took a bit to add two and two, but when I did….viola! I realized this cab buddy authored one of my all-time favorite prayer books, a tool I found due to a review just like this one.

My mouth dropped.

Beside me sat one of my favorite authors, and I hadn’t a clue!

I giggle about how goofy I reacted (even if none of it showed on the outside), because Joanna is about as humble and genuine as they come. I love this woman and the spark she has for Christ. She and her husband, Rob, create practical tools to help parents and marrieds sit at the feet of Jesus.

They walk the talk.

I share this backstory so you’ll know my “friendship status” with Joanna. A bit of bias rests here. But I assure you, I’d give these books 5 stars–even without the friendship.

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Prayer Books as Powerful Tools

Both Powerful Prayers for Your Son and Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter enable readers to petition God for every part of our their child’s life.

These two books include prayers covering areas from salvation and pride, friendships, rejection, discontentedness, addiction, dating, and purity–and many more. Rob and Joanna invite us to use them as our own. I love that they list applicable scriptures as well.

(There’s power in God’s Word!)

The topics range wide, covering even hidden heart issues and ones we, as parents, may not consider such as the need for peace or giving.

These books are not surface-level prayer tools, they dive deep into the heart of matters. Thank you, Rob and Joanna, for arming us with these powerhouse prayers and Bible verses.

But prayers and scriptures aren’t the only gems found in these tools. Check out the “Prayer Story” portions. These words from other moms and dads encourage and put a real-life face on parenting and spiritual petition needs.

Threaded throughout we also find helpful insight from Rob and Joanna.

So go ahead, grab your copy of each of these books. Give them to new moms or consider one as a “graduation” gift for the parents. They fit a range of ages. After all, we’re never too young or old for prayer.

Find Powerful Prayers for Your Son/Daughter Here:

  • (fantastic price as of the writing of this post)
735429: Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life Powerful Prayers for Your Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life
735436: Powerful Prayers for Your Son: Praying for Every Part of His Life Powerful Prayers for Your Son: Praying for Every Part of His Life

The publisher supplied a free copy of these books in exchange for my honest review. sign-up form

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