Are Your Words Worship?

“That’s okay. You didn’t need them anyway,” my brother voiced. 
His words were sweetness to my rejected 9th grade ears. They shed a ray of sunshine to this gal’s heavy, rejected, you-didn’t-make-the-team heart. They brought hope, that maybe, just maybe, there was life after rejection.
Negativity swirled in my brain the day I found my name M.I.A. on the volleyball roster. I was an athletic girl, a basketball player. Certainly my novice, I’ve-never-played-volleyball-before skills would improve quickly. 
That was my rationale.  It was sensible.
The other gals had two years of experience under their hats compared to my beginner status, but I decided to give tryouts a whirl. 
It didn’t go so well. Not many were cut, but I was one of them. My name was M.I.A. because they didn’t want me.
I had never been cut from a team before. It hurt.
But those words….
Those words my brother spoke were a bandage to my hurt. They covered the wound and proved to be the beginning of the healing process. They continue to ring in my head to this very day. 
That was nearly thirty years ago. 
30 years! 
Thirty years of encouragement rang in those two simple sentences. I can still picture the setting and hear his words of encouragement. 
They propped me up when I was down. 
That’s what words can do.
They can heal. They can create. They can be a promise, a future, an act of obedience, or a comfort. 
Let there be…                      (Gen. 1:3)
Father, forgive them…     (Luke 23:34)
Never will I leave you…     (Heb. 13:5)
Grace and peace to you..     (Eph. 1:2)
I have to question myself.  
How are my words spoken? 
How do they sound?  
Both written and spoken, do they enter the atmosphere with a gentleness but honesty? 
Do they prop up versus remaining silent? 
Do they bring hope and a vision for the future versus condemnation for today?
Each word today is entrusted to me as a tool to worship God. Do my words worship?
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God has convicted me recently, turning my head with His faithful love. He speaks that there is a polishing due, that we need to focus on these words, that we need to focus on this heart and its overflow.
Okay, God. I will go there. Change my heart. Change my words. Allow each word to be a form of worship to You.
And the best place to see the rubber meet the road? 
In the home. 
With my husband. 
And my kids. 
Sometimes they are good. I believe God would give the “well done good and faithful servant” nod. Then there are those “other” times. No nodding needed.
It’s in those “other” times that my words can be rushed, ugly, curt, and less than gentile. Sometimes they’re simply silent, head-in-the-sand ostrich style communication that never bears good fruit.
Yes,  polishing is due.
Yes, God. Your servant is listening. Let’s do this. Change my heart. May my words be a beautiful flow. Combine my syllables to be a symphony to Your ears.
Maybe you’ve been tapped on the shoulder a bit? How are your words? 
Better yet, how is your heart? 
Are you setting foundations of encouragement and life with each syllable? 
Or is there room to grow?
Me? I have room to grow.
And it starts with a declaration to allow God to have His way. Care to join me?
If so, here’s my virtual hand. In His strength and as fellow Christians, let’s declare this in prayer to the Holy One:
Almighty God,
Your words declared creation. Your words are healing. They are encouragement and life. Today, have Your way. Change my heart. Have access to it, Lord, so that the words I pour out will be a cascade of worship right to Your throne, so that my communication will bear good fruit. Draw my attention to opportunity. Give me eyes to see those words that require polishing. Draw my heart to what is right so that my syllables are a symphony to Your ears today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Do you struggle with rejection?

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  1. This is a lovely reminder to me. We’ve been working on this with the kiddos this last month, and your article had a nice grown-up feel to them 🙂 . Some of us just need to be constantly re-mastering our words. Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Oh yes – you are speaking my language here! (Ya see what I did there?) I am all about Speaking Life…calling out the Gold… and the good… 🙂 So glad we are neighbors today over at Kelly’s place!

  3. Your brother’s words to you remind me there is power in our words. 30 years later his words are still encouraging you, still bringing comfort and healing. I echo you in praying: “Lord, Combine my syllables to be a symphony to Your ears.” Let my words build up and encourage, and let it start with those closest to me. : )

    Thank you for sharing your encouraging words with us, Kristi, at #IntentionalTuesday : )

  4. Kristi, the power in just a few words have such power to make or break us. I love this. We must stop to think what we say. I cheer your wisdom! Thank you for being such a great member of the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith!

    1. Hello Jennifer! When the Lord has been this good to a gal, it’s time to tell the nations. 🙂 #TellHisStory is a part of that. Thank you for the kind words and your generosity in linking up. You rock.