Are You Drifting?

Drifting is subtle.

Have you ever enjoyed the sun on a blow-up at ocean’s edge, drifting along without a care in the world?

Drifting is easy.

Halt your canoe’s paddle for a spell. Travel without effort will be added to your ticket.

Drifting requires no effort.

Getting in the boat is all it takes. Exertion does not exist here.

But, drifting can be dangerous.


Therefore we ought to pay greater attention to the things that were heard, lest perhaps we drift away.

Heb. 2:1 WEB


I’ve been guilty of drifting at times. 

A little reading time off here, a lack of praying there, grumbling and thanklessness spread throughout. My faith feels a chill. The face of Jesus becomes blurry and distant.  

He’s still there, but I’m drifting away.

Unlike some of those Hebrews was written for initially, I don’t give up my faith. But, His voice becomes faint as I flow where the current and waves of life see fit. My Christianity becomes dull and muted.


Drifting occurs in the midst of these:

     ~ Busyness
        You know how schedules go. Kids. Soccer. School. Work. Activities. No time.
     ~ Complacency
         I’m happy right where I am. Life is warm and comfortable.
     ~ Because it’s simply easier than paddling against the waves.
        Weary of the battle, I’m on the verge of giving up, pulling in the paddle.
     ~ Fear
        Adversity sometimes brings a squirm, so does teasing and stepping out into something new.

God, in His faithfulness, warns of this. He uses the writer of Hebrews to flash a red warning light. 

Pay attention. 
Be diligent. 
Don’t drift away! 
What you have is real. 
Keep a tight grip on this love walk with Me. 
I understand, and I won’t let you down.

Drifting pulls us far from land as a rip current pulls from the safety of shore. It takes us to a place where survival requires the doggie paddle times ten. It’s our own struggle. It’s our own works, drifting all the while. At that point we simply survive versus thrive. 

Drifting pilots us into barriers, like branches and rocks, that cause hurt and disruption. It causes arrival delays for our destination, just ask the Israelites. 
At its worst, drifting results in an overturned or sunken vessel that finds our faith in God at water’s bottom.
Pay attention. 
Be diligent. 
Don’t drift away! 
What you have is real. 
Keep a tight grip on this love walk with Me. 
I understand, and I won’t let you down.

But hands to paddle, paddle to water? 

Pressing against the drift, flowing where you’re designed to go?

Stroking in trust that the Faithful One is truly just that: faithful?

That’s powerful. 

That’s strength.

That’s determining to not give up because Jesus is in clear view. 

That’s faith.

And, it’s quite the opposite of drifting.

So, my friend. I’m here to encourage you today. Remember those words that have been spoken. Pay careful attention. Remember His Word with clarity as He deepens your walk. 

God loves you.

Cling with tenacity versus drifting aloof. 

He’s faithful.

Grab that paddle once again if you’ve set it down in times past. 

He forgives.

Garner the strength to paddle with tenacity. 

His promises are true. 

Press on in His strength, His plan.


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  1. This is so foundational for us as Christians. It’s amazing how fast we can drift. Very quickly. Thank You for writing these powerful truths today. We really do need to remind each other and ourselves to really stop when we are dizzy and get focused on the Lover of our Souls – Jesus.

  2. I love the way you shared how drifting is similar to our time in the water, Krisit. Life can be the current that pulls me away, not only from Jesus, but His plan for my life. Weary from paddling, I’ve pulled up those oars … Fear has caused me to let the waves soothe me as they gently rocked the boat.

    Thank you for encouraging me to paddle on, my friend. : ) #IntentionalTuesday

    1. Yes, yes. We’ll grab those oars and paddle on. (I needed you as my thesaurus yesterday, Crystal. Couldn’t think of “oars” so they remained “paddles.” 🙂 #WriteOn

  3. Kristi, this is such a powerful and much needed post. I have been there. I have drifted and yes, it is so easy because it is subtle. Yes, God, help me to hang on with tenacity to my hope and faith in you, abiding in you and not running ahead or lagging behind where you would have me go. Thank you, friend.

    1. It is easy. As we each become a bell-ringer of sorts, ringing and reminding of His Truth, we’re much less apt to drift. Love having you as a part of my paddling community, Abby. He is faithful. God, YOU are faithful!

  4. This is WONDERFUL! There is no doubt that we seem to cycle through this a number of times throughout our lives, having to readjust our focus on Him. I have a lot of new believers in my Bible study right now who have moved past the “excitement” of conversion and are now “walking the walk”. I will pass this along as encouragement! It’s important for all of us to hold one another accountable, so thank you! #RaRa

    1. Hey, praise God. His words are life-changers. I pray your Bible study gals allow His words to deepen their roots and find themselves accountable as they grow, grow, grow. Thanks for stopping in, Meg.

  5. This has been bookmarked… this the the perfect reminder to stay focused on Him, and not to allow the extras in life to distract from Him.
    Loving your blog, Kristi! Glad I was invited to the #RaRaLinkup

    1. Praise God, Christine. I love that His Word is powerful, impacting, and makes life-changing impressions. I enjoy your visits and am thankful for your encouraging words. (Also, I must say that I love Canada. There are many fond memories stored from teenage and young adult visits to several beautiful locations.) #WriteOn my friend.

  6. I had this dream once, long ago. My friend and I needed to get this clear, flat thing up from the bottom of the ocean. It didn’t matter how we got it up, or if we broke it to pieces as we did, we just needed to get it from the bottom of the ocean and bring it to the surface. That dream has been on my mind the last few days, and I keep trying to figure out what the clear thing was on the bottom of the ocean that we needed to get up to the surface. In reading this post today, I realized it’s faith. This is a big answer for me. A big deal in my life as parts of that dream have turned out to be prophetic. Faith rises to the surface. This clear thing has come up. Thank you for your words today. I felt God speaking through them.

  7. Beautiful! What a great picture if drifting and what causes us to drift. I love the reminders of God’s word at the end-He loves us, He’s faithful and His promises are true. Visiting you from the #DanceWIthJesus linkup! Blessings!