Eyes that See

Recently it seemed as though the Lord was placing a call in my spirit for women to have “eyes that see”. The sensing happened in Australia during the conference and it has happened since coming back to the USA. I believe it to be the Lord, so the prayers are now going heavenward. I pray that we’d have eyes that see, eyes that no longer view the things of Him or the spiritual world with a blurry haze, but ones that see with the crispness and clarity that only He can give.  
You know, it’s like a pair of “God glasses.” Once He puts them on us, 
the vision suddenly becomes clear
 Then their eyes were opened 
and they recognized him…  
Luke 24:31 NIV*
It’s my prayer of recent to our Father:  “Give us eyes to see, oh Lord! Give these women eyes that see.”  And so, the prayers have begun and the expectation sits in anticipation of His answer to this cry. He is a God who answers, so I stand in assurance that this prayer will be answered.
How is your vision today? Does the Great Physician need to prescribe you a pair of spectacles for seeing the things of Him?  Are you desiring more of Him, more understanding, more strength, or more steadfastness? Or, maybe it’s an updated prescription you’re in need of instead.  Perhaps the vision used to be clear, but you have found it turning blurry or dark over recent days. Either way, He is able. He wants more for you than what you have today. Do you want more?  Are you ready to see the things of Him more clearly?
If so, here goes:
I come to You with clarity in my spirit, knowing You are calling me to more of You.  I know Your love is faithful and that You are faithful to answer my prayers, so I come asking for eyes that see. Give me clarity when it comes to the things of you that I might see all You wish to share. All the glory is Yours.
In Jesus’ Name,
And so, Father, I come alongside with the woman who prayed this prayer. Oh Lord, I agree with her and ask for eyes that see ever so clearly.  Bring the clarity, Lord, and bring the strength to stand. Bring a crispness that can come from NO OTHER, for You are the Almighty One. It is in You that she and I stand and have our being, It is through You that all things are possible, so I stand in great expectation of the things You are going to do.
In Jesus’ Name,
In Love,
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