WORD17, Week 8 – How to Be a Disciple

He didn’t offer it to one. He blanketed all.

Jesus offered how to become His disciple.

How to be a Disciple:

  1. Deny Yourself
  2. Take up Your Cross
  3. Follow Me (Jesus)

Our days are peppered with disciple-making opportunities. That’s where spiritual maturity waits.

I’ve begun making a list as God brings these opportunities to mind. Maybe you’re interested in joining me for this “list making” as well?

It’s amazing how even the smallest areas of our daily walk become big when God sets His finger on them. I’ve been surprised over and over again at the areas He’s shown me. These are areas ripe for denying self and following Him.

Last week I tossed out a question to several friends. How are you denying yourself and following Jesus today?

Several answered. Here’s a glimpse of their discipleship walk, their areas ripe for following Jesus:

I choose to pray for acceptance and peace (when a loved one is making unwise life choices). ~Jenny

Not picking up my phone or sitting at my computer before I first choose Him. ~ Tiffany

God has given me very specific direction that (my loved one’s) emotions are his/her responsibility. ~ Tammy

Not worrying about my health when anxiety knocks, but centering the moments in prayer.

Choosing to proactively speak my loved one’s love language even though it’s not “natural” to me.

How about you?

Where are you fighting hard to deny self, pick up that glorious cross, and follow Jesus?

Where are you growing in your faith walk?

In what area would you like prayer?

We’d love to hear, celebrate and/or pray alongside you. Feel free to comment below.

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