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A devotional is a devotional, right? Oh no! Not this one. The pages of this devotional, Wife after God, Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband, are a heart study. The book is much more than surface-level. It has depth.

Each morning I looked forward to studying with God and the author, Jennifer Smith. Really! Her words opened the door with points for wives to consider. Prayers were listed, one for each day, and scriptures were noted for study. After the devotional portion of Jennifer’s thoughts, questions rounded out the day’s study. I grew to love these questions because they encouraged me to wade into deeper-thinking waters concerning God, my husband, marriage, and my own heart.

Wife after God, Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband has thirty “chapters” to cover thirty days. It’s easily completed in one month. Each section takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

It’s obvious that Jennifer has a heart to see strong marriages built on a strong God. She does an excellent service to all wives by offering this devotional.

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(I was given a free copy of this devotional in exchange for my honest review. And, there you have it!)


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