Supergreens Power for Your Faith

Wilted lettuce. The men were like wilted lettuce in my opinion.

Oh, they believed. They walked side-by-side with the Messiah. They watched his miracles first hand and soaked in the droplets of his words like a tall cup of refreshing sweet tea on a hot, humid day.

It was good.

But there was more.

Their faith, up until that point, had mainly been a one-on-one relationship, just them and Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John chronicle their faith walk well.

In the midst of the Gospel’s pages, however, are denial, selfishness, keeping distance, and demons who simply laughed in their faces.

The disciples were with Jesus, but Jesus’ power was not evident in them.

They believed he was the Messiah, but where was the power for ministry to change lives? The ability to speak with courage? Share with power? Act with spiritual supergreens strength?

It resided in the Holy Spirit.

His counsel.
His wisdom.
His strength.

And it came from heaven, to them.

With this new-found strength, the disciples’ relationship went from simply them and Jesus to a ministry that included all who could hear. It impacted the masses for God’s good.

Courage was bold like a lion. It roared and all listened. Intently, they listened. With heart-changing, mind-freeing ears, they listened.

Not only did they listen, but they acted. Like a pot of soup, their hearts were stirred.

Yes! I believe in you, Jesus spread amongst the crowd of people, and many were saved.


They heard because the words came with power, Holy Spirit power. It’s the variety of power that only comes from spending time with Jesus.

…they were astonished
and took note
that these men had been with Jesus.
Acts 4:12b NIV

I desire that courage, that strength to speak with words that bear much fruit, that change lives, that draw all who hear to the very source of the strength display: Jesus. And I know the Lord wants me to desire it because then it’s all about him, not me.

As I pondered this in the minivan this morning, on the jaunt home after safely depositing the kids at school, a stirring occurred within my own heart. Right there, in that minivan. (There must be something about cars and my faith because I was born again in a little Ford Ranger! Being a mechanic’s daughter, I suppose that fits well.)

There was a stirring…


And then there was a prayer…

Lord, I’m yours. Do with me as you see fit today. Speak boldly through these words of mine, whether they are written or spoken. I am yours. I’m your vessel.

Do you feel the same thing I do? Is there a stirring that prompts for “more”? In life, in lingering, in learning, in ministry, in outreach?

I’m right there with you.

Come Holy Spirit, come.

Yes, come.

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  1. Ah, yes! I know that feeling. I think it comes when you surrender your life to Him. And He makes you see your true potential. You realise how much you’re capable of & how little you’ve been doing..all this while. Limiting yourself in self-imposed boundaries. When you submit to His Will, you experience a sense of freedom, of unlimited potential that makes you want to do more.. achieve more! 🙂

  2. And as God stirs the heart, and we respond with boldness, new things happen for the kingdom! What a God we serve that He would constantly embolden us to be His vessels!
    Desiring more, right along with you, Kristi! Blessings on your day, girl!

  3. I echo your words, my friend. Come, Holy Spirit, come. Breathe on us and anoint Your daughters.

    Thank you for a dose of His power evident in your words, Kristi, and for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday.

  4. “these men had been with Jesus.” What a challenge for my own heart- to strive to spend time with Him and His word that others might know I have been with Jesus as well, that they might see even a glimmer of Him in me.

  5. Yes there is a stirring happening strong right now and I know more will result after I retire in June. I love how God speaks to us in the most ordinary places doing the most ordinary routines. I love being your neighbor today at #TellHisStory. Have a blessed week!

  6. Kristi, wonderful post. This morning I spent time in Psalm 119:17-32 which your post so solidified in my thoughts. I desire for Him to “open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in His instructions” so that I may be His vessel. May we be women who carve out time for Him each day. Glad to have been your neighbor at Intentional Tues. And yes, I am a day late 🙂 Blessings!

  7. Beautiful reminder today. The best way I know to “do life” is to specifically ask the Holy Spirit to work in my heart, mind, words,and attitudes at the beginning of each day. Because I cannot be Christ-like on my own. Thank you. Joining you from Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart today.

  8. What a blessing to read this today. Yesterday, I had to minister a Word in the Church, and what I just asked God was “fill me with your Spirit”. So I can speak what You want and desire. Thanks for sharing and writing such powerful words. Blessings to you.

    Tayrina from TGAWrites
    Visiting you from Intentional Tuesday Linkup.