Have You Been Stirred?

Sunset with black lettering overtop

A stirring.

It’s happened to me. Has it to you?

I can only imagine the flutter within Jerusalem’s crowd as they were stirred by Jesus’ coming.

What’s all the commotion?
Quick! Come here. Come see!
Do you see him?
Who is that?
Pssst. Psssst. Pssssst.
It’s Jesus…

It was nearly twenty years ago. I knew something was missing from my own life. Putting my finger on it was a different story. I was a young twenty-something, head-first in my corporate career and in love with the man who eventually took my hand and placed a life-long promise on my finger.

But something was missing.

I passed it often, the little country church. It was a shy one, reserving its grand entrance and setting its bricks, instead, back a small jaunt from the busy highway. In its backyard ran a train track. I think I can count on one hand the number of times a train raced across its path. A familiar, well-groomed cemetery sat quietly to the side, much of it shaded by the large canopy of trees. Only the birds caused a commotion here, and that was infrequent as well. The place of worship was a southern gem, and something of that church created a stir within me.

It was Jesus. He created a stir in me at that church just as he created a stir all those years ago.

The donkey trudged along the path to Jerusalem generations ago, head bobbing up and down with each step. I can hear the slow motion of the clip and clop even now as the puffs of dust arose from the well-traveled land with the donkey’s each step. The shadow of many homes lined the streets. The crowd began to gather as they were stirred.

And that stirring?

It continues to happen today, just like it did with me in that little white church.

When Jesus enters the gates of our life, when he traverses the path into our heart, just as he did into Jerusalem, there’s a stirring.

Clip clop. Clip clop.

We know something is different. We see it in others. We want, we need, what they have.

I saw it in others at that little country church. It was Jesus. It was the King of the Jews. And that stirring caused me to come.

His stirring continues to cause people to come.

Even today.

So on this Holy Week, will you dare to be stirred? Or maybe be stirred once again? Will you come and see what all the commotion is about? It’s the King of the Jews.

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  1. I’m so thankful for His Spirit who woos us. It’s so important that we pray for those lost loved ones, that their hearts will be stirred. He draws us and convicts us.

  2. Amazing words Kristy Our message in church Sunday was so awesome it talked about how we are a link to people knowing and receiving Jesus. Our part is to pray. Mahalo nui for reminding me today I have made a choice in my life that has changed me forever, I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE KING JESUS.
    My love to u

    1. Yes, yes, yes, Shentel. We are daughters of the King Jesus. King indeed. Keep pressing in, my sweet friend. Pray for those who are lost. It’s a wonderful week to bring them before the throne of God. Love you!

  3. What beautifully strung words, my friend: “in love with the man who eventually took my hand and placed a life-long promise on my finger.” I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share that even as my heart was stirred with the reminder of the promise of His entering my life and His faithfulness since Jesus called me His own when I called Him my Lord.

    Thank you for sharing your heart at #IntentionalTuesday.

  4. I am so grateful that He stirs our hearts and is there for us when we turn to Him. Oh, I recall the beautiful moments of being wooed into His arms almost 22 years ago. I am 67 now but am grateful that I followed His lead while I was on this earth and now have had 22 years of wanting to live under His wing.
    Praising God with you, ~ linda

  5. He still causes a stir… in hearts, and in the world… I pray we never lose our awe of Him, that even while He is our friend, and our brother, He is also our King! Beautiful words, as always, Kristi, I feel rested every time I visit. As my pastor loves to say, “May the God of all majesty bless you bigger than big today!!!” Hugs!

  6. I’m so glad He stirred you up, Kristi, and that you heeded that stiring. Let’s focus on our King this week! Thanks for sharing part of your story here.

  7. I only started listening to that stirring a few short years ago. How beautiful you paid attention so many years ago and continue to today. Beautiful message and reminder here :)!

  8. That stirring is a wonderful feeling that I can’t compare to any other. When I drive alone and play some particular worship songs I feel stirred and find myself stretching my arm out in praise. It’s a feeling of greatness, too much to fit inside my heart so I need to stretch out. That might sound crazy but truly it’s hard to describe but if I had to choose a word it would be as you say “a stirring”. This post was great. So glad for the blessing. ♥

  9. Oh, I remember the day well! I was in my early twenties, as well, and thought I had it ALL figured out. But, there was still something BIG missing. I hope I can always live ‘stirred’ like that day! Thanks, Kristi:)

  10. Jesus stirs quiet and peaceful, yet so strong. I love how He can do that!. Grateful for this post and the way you helped open the ears of my heart to Jesus stirrings in this loud world. Once again, blessed by your words!

  11. Beautiful, Kristi! And oh yes, I have experienced that stir. For a while I fought it but then I couldn’t ignore it any more. I’m so thankful God never stops pursuing us and bring in new ways to stir us with his love. Blessed by you this morning, friend.

  12. Hi Kristi! Your writing is beautiful. You paint the picture for us and I can see it in my mind as I read. Yes, the stirring is wonderful. I’m ready. #intentionaltuesday

  13. You write beautifully friend. I just love this…”When Jesus enters the gates of our life, when he traverses the path into our heart, just as he did into Jerusalem, there’s a stirring.” Yes! I have felt it and I sure want to keep feeling it. Love your heart friend xxoo

  14. When Jesus enters the gates of our life, when he traverses the path into our heart, just as he did into Jerusalem, there’s a stirring.

    Yes ma’am! He stirs indeed…and we get to choose to act on the stirring He is doing in our lives…or not. I choose to act. And I thank you for showing me that so eloquently, Kristi.