God, Do You Still Protect People Like Me?

white background with Psalm 34:20 written on it in black. He protects all of his bones. Not one of them is broken.

God do you still protect people like me?

Have you ever wondered if God is still in the business of protecting people? Or, maybe He protects others but you hold a nagging suspicion that you’re the exception to the rule.

You and I might wonder the answer. But Psalm 34:20 assures us He protects His righteous ones–every single bone. Psalm 34:20 champions the truth–even when circumstances appear differently or emotions dictate otherwise. (Because aren’t those emotions like rabid animals at times?!)

Grab truth and hold on well, friend. His righteous, every bone, are protected. Heaven awaits!

#WORD18 Memory Verse Program

Psalm 34:20 is our #WORD18 memory verse, the last one for October. We’re nearly finished memorizing Psalm 34 in its entirety. Can you believe it? We have two more verses!

Are you interested in hiding God’s Word in your heart? Do you want ammunition to help fight life’s battles? Ready to pick up that sword God’s given?

It’s not too late to join us as we finish the year. Click here for more information on #WORD18. It’s our scripture memory program, and this year it’s centered on Psalm 34. Yep, an entire Psalm in a year. Rest assured, I’m still working on memorizing the verses, so you’re not alone if you decided to join now.

How to Hide God’s Word

10 Ways to Help You Hide God's Word in Your Heart in black lettering with faded Bible pages in the background

Not sure HOW to hide God’s Word? I get asked that question often. Folks need help with ideas. Me too. Sometimes I simply need to dive in to find refreshment as well. In case you have similar needs or questions, check out this post for ideas. It’s full of 10 ways to help you hide God’s Word.



purple background with "Featured Writer, iBelieve.com written in white. Written in pink below it are the words real women, real faith

Does God Love Me? ~ A Reminder

Have you ever had a moment during your walk with Jesus–or maybe even before you became a believer–that you wondered if God loved you? Truth be told, most of us need the reminder at one point or another. I wrote a piece for iBelieve.com on this very topic. It’s called 10 Stories in the Bible to Help You Remember God Loves You. 

White background with Crosswalk.com written on it,

Have you ever journeyed through the Bible and stumbled upon names of murderers or mean people? Maybe, if you’re like me, you encounter a little-known name and skip right past it. But what if these people offer us powerful lessons? This piece on Crosswalk.com helps us notice those Powerful Lessons from Unexpected Sources in the Bible. 

Located In or Near the Tulsa Area?

Come join us for a gallery showing called Story Marks on October 19 in Collinsville, OK. The event showcases women and the story behind their tattoos. And goodness…the stories tug straight at the heart!

I had the privilege of editing each piece. Call ’em powerful–tales of pain, hope, championing, and memorializing. Gather a glimmer into the heart of the woman who wears each tattoo as you read the stories. This wonderful opportunity has potential to reach those timid about gracing church doors.

Nearby? Join us! Have a friend in the area? Share this event with them. It’s only $5–the cost of a coffee at one of the green coffee places we all recognize. 😉 Oh, and feel free… share on your social media, too!

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  1. The Lord gave me that promise years ago, when I had a severe onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis for one year! I prayed that God would protect my bones from permanent damage, and He did! It was a miracle, and I’ve never had a recurrence of the arthritis. I’ve never forgotten that verse!