Empty Water Bottles

Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water….
Genesis 21:19 AMP**
“Where are You? This really stinks! Why are we having to walk through this? God, do You see us? Do You see me? Do You see this situation? Are You there? I really hurt right now…..”
At times the infamous Psalm 23 valley of the shadow of death takes on an all-too-real semblance in our own lives. Life gets heavy for one reason or another and we start to wonder if our Almighty has taken to a game of hide-and-seek, hiding more than seeking. The small, still voice seemingly grows quiet as we wonder, “Do You see me, God? Do You see that I’m hurting?” 
The water bottle lies empty as we wonder what will quench our dry, weary, and dehydrated spirit.
Hagar was a woman who’s water bottle was empty. She wandered aimlessly in the midst of rejection, losing her hope and direction. She dropped to her knees, a result of a dry, dehydrated spirit. The situation looked hopeless through the image of her empty water bottle.
“My son’s going to die! I can’t bear to watch it,” might have been her cry. Certainly she had given up, thinking all was lost. There was nowhere for Hagar and her dying son, Ishmael, to go to as she realized the water bottle was empty.
Then her son cried. And God saw.
EL ROI, the God who sees me, heard the voice of Ishmael.
EL ROI, the God who sees me, intervened. 
The water bottle was no longer empty as Hagar was directed to a well, one within easy reach of her “hopeless” situation. It brought refreshment and direction. It opened eyes and brought life.
His water is near. The bottle may appear empty, but the One who sees is capable of supplying ample hydration. You may think He doesn’t see your “dry, empty bottle situation”, but He does. He is EL ROI.
Sometimes the battle gets a bit heavy, as it did recently for me. While I never doubted God was there, I did crawl up into my shell for a bit. “Do You see, God?” went through my mind as the battle raged.
Indeed, He did. My EL ROI saw every bit. 
A sweet friend and prayer warrior contacted me, expressing concern over a heaviness she sensed while praying for our family. Indeed, she was hearing correctly. This was my EL ROI in action through the voice and fingers of a loving friend. Tears welled in my eyes as I read the email, knowing my God had seen and that He was “on the job.”
It brings reassurance when you know He sees. And so I’ve come to you today to let you know, “He sees, my friend.” EL ROI sees!
Gather up the strength He has given, allow Him to open your eyes to the well that truly sits so near. Go dip your bottle in His well and drink of His refreshment. It will quench your thirsty spirit. It will bring hope and direction. It will be the refilling you need.
I send much encouragement your way today as you fight the good fight. Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power as you realize He sees.

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