From Humbleness to Strong in Spirit

Luke 1
Rejoicing in the Lord fills the verses of many from Luke 1:46-80. How awesome to see Mary break into song, melody filled with praise about the Lord’s goodness and all the mindfulness He had given to her. I love seeing Mary mention her humbleness in v. 48. Genuineness rises forth from this comment and it displays the Lord’s faithfulness when we are in position, a humble position. He can do amazing things, affecting MANY, when we are humble.
Zechariah joins along in the song, singing praise to the One Above as well. Filled with the Holy Spirit, he prophesied over his own son. I love it! What an awesome position for a parent, especially a father, to be in. Belief covered his lips as the words
“you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most high…” (Luke 1:76 NIV**)
rang forth. What glorious words to be speaking over your own child, and what a great example for those of us to follow behind.
Rewinding a bit to verses 57-66 shows us a man who was willing to go against tradition, bucking the flow. He was chartering unfamiliar territory by calling this wee one “John”, perhaps to the misunderstanding of many, possibly including family. However, he had been touched by a very real God and evidently knew that tradition can be shaken loose once God has spoken. Following the Lord is paramount vs. following tradition for tradition’s sake. Go Zechariah, go!
Alas, the final verse, Luke 1:80, is a lovely one:
“And the child grew and became strong in spirit…” (NIV **)
That’s my prayer over the children, Lord, that they’ll grow and become strong in spirit. Oh, and let that be our prayer, “Lord, in humbleness may we grow and become strong in spirit.”
Merry Christmas All!
Celebrating our Savior,

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