It’s a season of joy and cheer.  It’s the season of celebrating the One who came to show us the way. It’s a time to remember an awesome God who provides.
As of late, the Lord has allowed me to dwell in the land of Caleb and Joshua. I feel as though we’ve been up and down the street of learning, going back and forth through the lessons of understanding only the Lord provides. It’s been a wild, awesome ride, a beautiful gift in this season of giving.

It’s not truly the Christmas story, yet it is one that provides much hope and paves a glorious path similar to Jesus’ birth.  It’s the story of Caleb.

Caleb was a man of wholehearted devotion. He followed his God with 100%. When others, leaders at that, were given the promises of God, they took back half of their heart. They chose not to believe and lived in the land of fear, grumbling and complaining instead. Caleb, on the other hand, gave 100% to the Lord, all of his heart, and followed to the very end. 
He gave a report according to his convictions; it was a report overflowing with faithIn turn, Caleb saw every promise of the Lord fulfilled, and he experienced dwelling in a land that rested from war. It didn’t matter that the land had been filled with Anakites, who were large, strong people.  It didn’t matter that their cities were large and fortified, appearing insurmountable to fleshly eyes. Having a heart handed over to faith, Caleb saw with vision of promise.
Today I stand looking at those things that previously appeared insurmountable. After lessons from Caleb, the gift of added faith has been opened and those supposed insurmountable situations now appear with the vision of wholehearted promise. 
There are often times when I doubt my mothering skills, way too many times honestly. The negative talk chatters away at warp speed in my mind more than it should. “Will I ever get this right?  When will I be a good mom?”  These thoughts often chime away.  
However, I was reminded this week by a faithful God of the promises He has set before me.  I can choose to believe in His promises, rising to the occasion with wholehearted devotion to my God, seeing a difference in who I am as a mom, or I can walk in the way of the grumbling leaders, viewing life through flesh-colored lenses, missing the goodness He has in store. I can choose to dwell in the promised land or die in the desert of discounted promises. All of this He has laid before me. All of this, in our individual fashion, He has laid before each of us.
“…He will see it, 
and I will give him and his descendants 
the land he set his feet on, 
Deut. 1:36 NIV*
I am prepared to see the promises of being a godly, righteous & loving mom.  I am excited to know that my descendants will bear fruit from this as well.  I’m pumped that my mind’s view has changed now that wholehearted devotion has dictated the way. I’m ready to head down my faithful God’s path of promise.
“Hey, Caleb, wait up!”

Merry Christmas!

With Love,

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