Praise the Lord

We’re heading into a new year; it’s the perfect time to sing praises to the Lord, just as the heavenly hosts do in Revelation. Job is a great book to find praises, and this list is taken from there, chapter 38 specifically. 
Praise the Lord as we head into a New Year!
* Praise Him who laid the earth’s foundations.
* Praise our God who marked off earth’s foundations.
* Praise to the King who laid its cornerstone.
* Praises arise to the One who gives orders to the morning.
* Praise God Almighty who shows dawn its place.
* Praise the Lord who has seen the gates of the shadow of death.
* Praise be to God, the One who comprehends the vast expanses of the earth.
* Praise to our Strength, the One who knows where darkness resides.
* Praise Him who has seen the storehouses of hail.
* Praises on High for the One who cuts the path for the thunderstorm.
* Praise to You, oh God, the One who sends lightning on its way.
* Praise to the King who feeds the ravens.

Yes, Praise to You, oh Mighty God.  We sing praises to Your mighty name as we ring in this new year. Praise the Lord.

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