Hello Lovelies,

“What is Your will, God?”
That’s been my cry for the past year concerning this blog. Spotty, here-and-there, inconsistent: that’s why there have been weeks, even months, between posts. I simply want to draw close to Him and run in His cadence versus my own sloppy step. Hence, I’m not certain if I’m to write here…at all. I don’t want to “Martha” it to death. The atmosphere is turned more toward a Mary-style, the kind that sits at His feet in worship. The kind that isn’t busyness, but is worship.
There are things churning inside and a second book in the making that I believe are from the Lord, and at some point they will burst forth in to the atmosphere.
With power
In worship.
Because it’s His timing.
It’s content overflowing with Counsel.
Not me, but Him. 
The Lord Jesus.
So the blog waits until there is “something” to share.
Today there is “something.” 
It is a post from our California friend, Suzi Dobias. Do you remember Suzi? Her thoughts blessed us through the pages of the last blog entry. There were two writings that seemed necessary to share with you. You have number one already in hand, and today we share number two. It was written as her 18 year old daughter was beginning a journey flight across country, adulthood at the helm.


One of the lessons God taught us along our journey as parents was one that we really didn’t learn until much later in the game. We had been fully committed to raising our kids to know God intimately and be a follower of Christ, but when it came down to who they were, we treated them as though they belonged to us. Our ways and rules were the ones laid before them.
Our vision for what we thought was best seemed like the way to go. Unfortunately when you become a parent, there is no manual that comes along with your kids. You learn as you go, and even though you swore you would never raise your kids like your parents raised you, those roots are deep in you and eventually come out unless you are intentional to not be that way. 
Along the way there have been many mistakes, regrets and adjustments. As we entered the teen years with Riley things shifted greatly. We had to learn to be more of an influence in her life than a parent that was a dictator. We finally came to the realization that she did not belong to us at all. She belonged to God. Our job was to steward this gift that He had given us in a way that would glorify Him. We had to learn to treasure this gift and shepherd her and guide her in a way that would prepare her for the future that He has planned for her. This was such an aha moment for us as parents. 
I was raised in a home where my parents let us all know that when we were 18, we were on our own. Go figure it out. There was no guidance and direction for a better future. There were just rules that we were supposed follow, but they were more like rules that were being broken continually. 
Looking back today, I wonder what Riley’s future would look like if we hadn’t made this shift. Coming to that realization that she belonged to God and our role was to raise her for Him and prepare her for what He has called her to was one of the best things that ever happened to us as parents. It changed the way we parent for both of the girls. It has also taught them that ultimately, they are responsible to God and not us. 
Now they are free from trying to make us happy and play the “please the parents game.” Instead, they are depending on Gods wisdom and direction. Do we still help? Yes. Do we still guide and support? You bet! But we all know who is in charge and who we are accountable to.
So as I sit here today preparing myself for tomorrow morning, I sit here worry free. I am completely confident that God is in control. I am so thrilled and excited for the future that sits before her. This is a day of celebration for all of us! 
Thank you Lord for being our Savior. Thank you for teaching us and guiding us every step of the way. As she steps out from under our roof, I fear not at all, for she always has been in your care and will continue to be. Thank you Jesus for loving us the way that you do!

A Bit More about Suzi Dobias ~ 

I am a Navy wife with 2 daughters. One is 11 and the other is 19. Our oldest one departed in August, going on her first journey away from us to intern at Northpoint Community Church in Georgia. I have been involved in youth and family ministry for the past 20 years. I am a coach, an athlete, wife to Rich, and mother. The greatest role I have is the honor of being a servant and child of Christ. I did not grow up knowing Him, so my past is colorful to say the least. God has me on a journey and has asked me to write about it daily. Each day I learn from Him and the failures and successes of myself and others. The journey is humbling and at times hard and long. Holding onto Him and persevering through His strength spurs me on to get through each moment of each day. Hoping and praying that my experiences along the way are able to help others as we go through many of the same trials. To God be the Glory!
Sit in His presence, friends. Our Lord is faithful.  He is trustworthy, even with our children.
Until the next time…
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; 
and lean not unto thine own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5, KJV
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