Ever Wonder If God Sees You?

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When life tumbles a gal like a wet cotton t-shirt in the barrel of a Maytag, have you ever wondered if God sees? I’ll admit, sometimes I stomp around as if He’s a blind-as-a-bat or look-the-other-way God. Really? (Sigh.)

Cancer, divorce, death of a loved one, financial ruin, a prodigal child, an addiction, wrong motives assumed, lies hurled, anxiety, depression, deception of other sorts–it’s there. We plead with a silent cry, “God, do you see me?”

Let’s face it. We’ve spent much of 2020 in the dryer barrel, and the physics of it all is dizzying to say the least. That’s as a global community, but many of us are facing our own trials on top of this pandemic. We may be wondering whether God sees us.

How about we stamp an answer on that today?

Yes. He does. God sees.

But the forces of darkness would like us to question that truth. Shall we slather our thoughts with reinforcement?

Below are two helpful ditties for your brave, courageous steps today. Also, look for two links–one a podcast, the other a blog post–near the end detailing my personal story about our wonderful God who sees. (I still utter, “Wow,” at this one. Our God is good!

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What Is the Name for the God Who Sees?

Let’s start with the name for the God who sees. Quite simply, it’s El Roi. But don’t let it flit to the floor like an autumn leaf. Use His name to bolden your day, to raise His name high.

El Roi During Prayer or Praise

During our prayer time or the praise we raise, we can allow His name, El Roi, to roll off our lips.

El Roi in Our Journals

Maybe it’s the heading on a journal page followed by a beautifully, flowing list of personal examples assuring He has seen us. (Don’t forget to post this somewhere you’ll see it often and review it on a regular basis. The Bible is FULL of examples of the power of remembrance.)

El Roi, You are the God who sees. We give You praise.

Other Posts to Enjoy

God Who Sees You Scripture

Hagar, an unlikely candidate, is the woman who introduces us to El Roi. Find out more by reading Genesis 16.

“She called the name of Yahweh who spoke to her, ‘You are a God who sees,’ for she said, ‘Have I even stayed alive after seeing him?’”

Gen. 16:13 (WEB)

God Sees Everything

God sees everything, including hidden secrets and all that’s exposed.

During our military years, Tony deployed or sailed out to sea for exercises multiple times. But one deployment remains fresh in the memory. I learned firsthand that God does indeed see everything.

One day I sensed a prompting to pray for my husband. Tony floated in the waters of a different timezone somewhere halfway around the world. The U.S. was in the thick of battle in the Middle East.

Um, hello. Talk about a war-time alarm.

I got busy and blindly prayed for my man, throwing as many words and subjects at the prayer wall as I could muster.

Later, I found out why God prompted me to pray.

Find the remainder of this story on the Growing Home Together podcast. Come on over and join Rob and Joanna Teigen and me as we discuss how to stay connected as a couple when you have to be apart.

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Listen to the podcast here.

For additional encouragement for your marriage, make certain to read this accompanying blog post at Growing Home Together, available after 9AM Wed., as well.

Rest assured, my friend. Dwell on His truth. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, God sees you.

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  1. El Roi (the God who sees) is one of my favorite Hebrew names for Adonai because as you said, it was first mentioned in Genesis with regards to Hagar when Hagar cried out for her son Ishmael and God saw her and saw the child and then gave them water to save him from death. She named the well there Beer Lahai Roi (The well of Him who lives and sees).
    God sees us in our despair too and even when we feel like we are in the desert alone like Hagar did, He sees us. Thank you for this post! I loved it!