A Letter to the Mommies Who Would Be

You’ve been on my heart for a while, precious one. The thought of you suffering quietly, keeping the secret alive and well, saddens my heart. As darkness encompasses that area of you, compassion arises in me. If I could put my arms around you, hug you with a warm, loving bear hug, I would.

It’s okay to let it go. Even better than my hug, Jesus is here…with you. He’s already taken care of the hurt, the pain, the sin. He’s ready to give complete healing. How thorough His healing is! He touches even the darkest corners to bring Light. He takes the seemingly impossible and goes above and beyond what we could ever think or do. He’s God. He is Love. He is here. Yes, He can heal you even with your darkest secrets.

This letter goes to all the mommies who would be to let you know you are loved deeply, and there is healing for a past with abortion. I truly think of you often, wondering if it’s you I’m peering eye-to-eye with at the grocery, the dentist’s office, or even in church. There are so many voices out there, some making you feel “less than”, and sometimes those even come from Christian corners. The truth is we all sin, and the ONE voice we can all trust is the voice of our Lord. Whether it be pride, jealousy, gossip, fornication, anger, murder, etc. we all need His forgiveness, His healing. Oh, and when we allow His touch, drawing close in His arms of true love, it’s beautiful! The weight is lifted, the burden is gone. All that is left in its wake is His love and forgiveness.  Jesus carries those burdens. We find freedom. We find an ability to live with our past as a forgiven child of His, bringing God glory in the process. Ultimately we all cry for that in the depths of our inner hearts, don’t we?

It’s National Sanctity of Life Month. Did you know? Probably. The focus might be on the babies, as well it should be in some aspect, but I’d like to come alongside you, mommy who would be, and put the some of the focus on you as well, reaching out a hand of love. Run to healing, won’t you? The weight of the lie is heavy, but He’s here to carry it for you. There’s no need to carry the undoubtedly heavy weight any longer, precious one. You are forgiven. You are loved. You are not alone. It’s okay to allow the light to hit the secret spots.

There are others who have walked the path in front of you. They are testimonies to Jesus’ love and healing. They are a light for your path.

Please allow me to introduce to you one of those women. Elizabeth Thompson, founder and president of Mighty Women of Vision. She found God’s forgiveness and healing in the wake of abortion’s darkness. Roe vs. Wade came into law forty years ago this month, just one year after its inception, Elizabeth found herself, one short year later, facing the dark aftermath of abortion. Its reaches of darkness clutched her, but she has since found healing in the arms of Jesus and now walks in His peace and freedom. We recently chatted on Facebook (don’t you love social media?!) and here is what she had to say:

Out of all the things I’ve sent out on fb, this one this morning on Sanctity of Life month means the most. If you’d like, please share this prayer request and ask others to share as well. I feel we have become apathetic as a nation on this issue because we feel the government is too big to overcome but it’s not for God. Let’s support God and be His hands, feet, heart and voice to His creations. I had an abortion when I was 19. One year after Roe vs. Wade, 1974. Planned Parenthood told me there was no life yet and it was only a mass of tissue. Big lie. I know how hard it is to forgive self of a heinous crime and I know my God and His unfailing love and forgiveness. Much love. Elizabeth


It’s there, precious one. Simply ask Jesus and believe it.

I’d also like to include another post link here for a gal whose raw story unfolds like so many. It’s striking and caught my attention recently. Although I don’t know Sara Mae personally, we’re “friends” on fb.  Does that count? 🙂 She’s a child of God, author, and probably the type of gal you’d like to have a cup of hot cocoa with. I imagine there would be plenty of giggles and smiles with the cup of cocoa as well. Soak in her story, and please read further in her blog because there is a subsequent post just for you, mama of the baby lost to abortion.

Lastly, other than to remind you that you are truly loved and that you’re precious in His eyes, even with abortion in your past, here is a list for all of us:

Prayer Point Reminders

* The women who are pregnant and their partners who are contemplating abortion, to make a wise choice concerning the life of their unborn child.

* The women, men, and families who have experienced abortion directly, to find true healing.

* The elected officials, to work diligently to save unborn lives.

* The body of Christ, to continue to speak out on behalf of and pray for the unborn as well as the couples contemplating the future of their unborn child.

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  1. It’s interesting that I saw this today. I posted something on FB earlier about abortion, and ended up in a discussion with someone who was pro-choice. The very thing you posted, was the very thing I was trying to explain. That there are many lies surrounding abortion and that it can have a very traumatic aftermath and consequences. Praise God for healing and thank you for your willingness to address it.