Why Love is Always in the Air – For Singles and Marrieds Alike on this Valentine’s Day

“I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Dad offered those words to me in late 2015. He died shortly after. We buried him, then a day or two later, my immediate family prepared to journey back to our home 800 miles away. But before we left, I made one last visit to the grave. I took a picture, unaware at the time of its underlying message.

It’s the picture above.

Do you see the heart?

It’s there, resting between branches. It brought a sense of shock and awe when I noticed it in the camera later that day.

Today, it takes me to thoughts of my dad but even bigger thoughts of our Father. With Him, there’s love.

Whether we’re single, married, divorced, or widowed, I’m convinced our God loves us more than we’ll ever know here on earth.  Some of us may despise Valentine’s Day. Some of us may embrace it with gusto. Regardless, God still pursues you and I with His faithful love 365 days a year.

We are loved.

So today, pleae keep both scriptures below close. Their hope, spoken years ago, still rings hopeful today. Praise God!

You are loved – immensely.


On Another Note…

Are you a Sunday pew sitter or Monday through Sunday Worshiper?

I had the honor and fun of podcasting (is that a word?) with Holly Barrett. Take a listen here by simply clicking the podcast labeled “Kristi Woods.” I’d love to hear your feedback and how God is encouraging you. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend.

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