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Hi All!  This week’s post is going to be a slight detour from the regular posts. It’s an “update” on this ministry He’s birthing and what the near future holds.
Many of you have been asking, “When is the book coming out?” Praise the Lord, I now have more definite information to share. It looks as though The Other Side of the Fence; A Lie Masquerading will be out by Christmas, and if not by then, shortly thereafter. It’s a book about temptation, the various types, and how we can counter them through the Lord. I believe there are many small, seemingly harmless temptations that we are falling prey to which are hindering our race with the Lord. It’s time we have eyes that see them so we can run with maturity as our running partner versus the baggage of temptation.  It’s time for freedom!
Just about 2 weeks ago I had a meeting with a publisher that “I” thought was probably the one who would be putting this book into print. However, a few months before, the Lord was stirring my spirit that perhaps there was another route, and if truth be told, I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen!  (Still learning girls, still learning!) It was evident at the meeting that the Lord’s peace was not in attendance. Even though the publisher was super supportive and willing to publish, I had to ask, “Are you OK if I look at some other options?”
After the meeting, I set a fleece in front of the Lord. Gideon did that in the Old Testament, and although I’m not prone to praying that way often, it seemed necessary this time in order to journey down the right path. My prayer?  “Lord, let there be an email from Xulon (a self publisher that had been put in my path often) if this is Your route.”
Later that evening I arrived home. What do you think I found upon checking email? Yepper, there was an email from Xulon! However, it arrived before I had prayed, so I was a bit skeptical, wondering if it was a force of my will versus the Lord’s. The email concerned a sale they were having which ended on Aug. 31. It was Aug. 31, but it was 10:30pm Hawaii time, which is 4:30am the next day on the East Coast. That meant I had missed the sale! My thoughts followed those exact words, “I’ve missed the sale.”
After a brief moment of disappointment, I threw the situation back into the Lord’s court, knowing that He’d somehow make something happen if it was His will. (I had to squash “me” because honestly my flesh wanted to be really disappointed and bummed.) It was a lesson in trusting the Lord. 
Before shutting the computer down for the night, I asked the Lord for one more fleece. His good and perfect will; what was it? I prayed, “Lord let there be another email if this is you.”


In the morning there was yet another email. Praise the Lord! This time I knew it was His good and perfect will that I go to Xulon for publishing. Even more “fun” was the fact that the email subject line said, “You didn’t miss the sale…” Laughter resonated as I remember my thought the previous night. He heard even the smallest whisper. That’s my God.


The end result is that I arrived at Xulon, in the rep’s words, “at the zero hour.” He was literally ready to leave for the holiday weekend when my call came through. The Lord of “the zero hour” is worthy to be praised. C’mon girls, He’s worthy to be praised!
As of today, we are in the process of establishing a web site to support and help vehicle this ministry. Of course, the Lord is truly “the” vehicle with His Holy Spirit being the driver. My husband, Tony, and I are seeking Him for each step. The web site is the “next step”, and I do believe that a short time later a non-profit ministry will follow. You see, the Lord burns a desire within me to see others “go deeper” with Him. It’s time to put that desire and the gifts that surround it into action, God-style.
Many of you have been faithful followers here on this blog. Thank you! I hope the Lord has used it to stir your spirit and to change your life. I pray that He has used it to help you “go deeper” in your relationship with Him simply because you are His masterpiece, and He is worth it.
Several of you have mentioned sharing the posts with friends as the Lord has guided you. Hallelujah! That’s what it’s all about, spreading that aroma of Christ, first for salvation then for maturity. Please feel free to forward this blog onto your friends because it’s not just “for us.”  It’s for the masses and we are the grassroots of spreading it, one friend at a time. (or family member, co-worker, stranger, or neighbor…) 
I will keep you posted on the distribution date of the book. In the meantime, stay posted here for updates and encouragement as you dive deeper into your relationship with our most faithful Lord.

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