WORD17, Week 2

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It’s WORD17, Week 2.

Last week we grabbed Ephesians 3:20 as our first memory verse of 2017. How about that?! Remember, we’re going lighter on the number of verses attempted this year, but we’re going deeper with each of them. There’s a great chance we’ll know the TWELVE well – very well – by the end of the year.

What is Ephesians 3:20?

It’s a doxology, a praise to God, offered by Paul. We’re using the WEB for our memory verse, but let’s also take a look at a different version: the AMP. The Amplified (AMP) often gives a deeper view and more understanding. Find it here.

Aren’t some of those descriptive words enough to make a girl dance?

  • Able
  • Superabundantly more
  • All
  • Infinitely beyond

Those are powerful! Paul offers this praise, and he knows well our Lord. He knows Him in a way I long to. You too?

What if we were to slip ourselves right into this scripture, offering its praise to God in a personal way?

Shall we try it with the AMP version? With Eph. 3:21 wrapping up the ending, it might sound something like this:

To You, God, You who are able to carry out Your purpose for me and do superabundantly more than I can ever ask or begin to think, pray, hope, or dream, according to Your power that is at work in me, to You be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus through my children, my grandchildren, great grands and for generations to come – forever and ever. Amen!

Let’s soak in that for a while. We might consider tagging Eph. 3:21 on the end of our memory verse as well, memorizing both.

As for Ephesian 3:20, look for a shareable graphic next Monday – perfect for IG or FB.

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  1. Beautiful encouragement here, Kristi. I love this scripture. Just wrote it in my journal last week. Was looking over it today. I’m getting back to scripture memory after several months of not doing it. : )