Book Review: Life Unstuck

Book cover of Life Unstuck by Pat Layton
Pat Layton is a gal that I would love to hear speak. I'm certain her love of Jesus, the path of her past well-revealed, and her genuine Jesus-concern would keep me on the edge of my seat. But I didn't know who Pat was until I recently read Life Unstuck.
Her latest release, Life Unstuck, is the next best thing to having Pat in the same room. I'm convinced. She gets real, sharing much of her difficult past as a single parent, facing abortion's effects, and growth through marriage trials. She brings hope through the strength of Jesus in her story. She is truly a girl redeemed, encouraging readers to find peace with their past, purpose in their present, and passion for their future.
Her writing style drew me. It was a real, girlfriend to girlfriend approach. In her words, she offers hope for our "family junk", reminding us that its roots can be traced all the way to Adam and Eve. We all have "junk". It's okay. But we're not left there, without hope. No, she introduces, reminds, and encourages us that there is more, that the Lord can turn that junk in our lives into something beautiful for His glory and for our individual ministries. And, yes, we all have a ministry. The reminder was fresh and encouraging.
Throughout the book are Unstuck Truths. These little ditties are bold, easily-read truths that chime and remind us of God's power. Also, she has included various lists and Bible verses throughout, making the book a fairly simple read that is easily revisited when needed.
Have you heard of If not, you'll certainly want to visit. It's an impressive tool, overflowing with encouragement, free downloadable lists, and reminders, as well as a sign-up for the Unstuck community of readers. What a powerful tool this free resource is.
Would I read this book again? You betcha! It was well worth the time and thought. If you're ready to move past the past, and walk "unstuck", or if there is simply "something" slowing your walk with God, Life Unstuck is for you.
Note: Revell Publishing supplied a free copy for my honest, unbiased review. This is that review, unbiased and all.  
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  1. Great review and sounds like a great book. I briefly checked out the website, and there are some really good resources there. I especially liked the “24 words that will change your life.”