Clothing Self

Clothing: it’s an essential item in our times. The articles of necessity can be beautiful and flowing or they can be tattered and torn, dirty and in need of cleansing. 
It’s amazing how our hearts resemble clothing.  They can be beautiful and flowing, or they can be….. And, ultimately, it’s us who make the choice on how we’re clothed.
Each day we have the opportunity to clothe ourselves, nestling snug inside the garments of Him. It’s interesting that He calls us to clothe ourselves, not sit and wait on circumstances to clothe us. And, He doesn’t even say that He will clothe us;  the Lord calls us to clothe ourselves. We are given the key to that choice. The way it is is not the way it has to be.
Our Father calls us to clothe ourselves, stepping inside the garments of:
* Jesus Christ (Rom. 13:14)
* Compassion (Col. 3:12)
* Humility (1 Peter 5:5)
It’s up to each of us.How will you be clothed today?
Dear Lord,
I desire to be clothed in Your righteousness, not in the dirty, marred and tattered clothes of the past. Show me what to take off and help me take those off, oh Lord, that I might put on the righteousness, compassion and humility of You instead. Thank You, Father. 
In Jesus’ name,
Praying you’ll have a day covered with beautiful clothing.

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