Do You Have One of These Lists?

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Do you have one of these lists?

We’re heading into December. How crazy is that? Time is flying. Does anyone know where it’s flying to?

This morning as I stood on the back patio, something clicked. I’m not certain what prompted the thoughts, but I’m glad they came.

As the scene of changing and bare trees on the rolling landscape came into view, thankfulness overflowed. A list rolled off my tongue. It was an offering of thanks to God Above.

~ The beauty of our Creator’s landscape

~ Rocks from our neighbor that now dot our flower beds

~ A faithful husband who is careful to provide and treats me like a queen

~ The blessing of children and their activities

~ A love-filled Savior always faithful to forgive

~ Published articles, the opportunity to minister through words.

This was my list – a beginning. Do you have a list?

We’re nearing the end of the year. It’s the perfect time to look back.

We also recently trodded through Thanksgiving. How about taking a regular dose of thanks forward with us as well?

Today’s post is all about thanksgiving. It includes homework. I hope you don’t mind, but it’s easy.

Offering thanks is like exercise – it’s good for us. So come with me, flexing and building that thanksgiving muscle, okay?

Take a gander at the year past. What are 10 THINGS you’re thankful for?

Write ’em down.

Jot them in the comments here.

Speak them aloud.

However you feel prompted to offer them, gather a few moments and thoughts to simply offer our Father thanks.

Coming Soon…

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15 Powerhouse Prayers From Ephesians is going bye-bye in December.

Yes, soon! But something new is coming…..

So if you haven’t yet subscribed here at, now is the time. During November you’ll receive 15 Powerhouse Prayers from Ephesians, and all subscribers will have access to the new, free download sometime in December. (Honest note here ~ as soon as I can figure out how to add it correctly, it’ll be available. I decided it was time to dive in and learn that ditty vs. relying on my wonderful IT gal. How’s that for trying new things?! Stay tuned…)

Final Post

Also, December 20 will be my final post for 2016. The kids are on vacation from school over the holidays, and enjoying time together calls.  How about reconnecting here on Monday, January 9th with an all new #ScriptureBank2017?

I thank God for you, my friend, and will “see” you next Monday right here with #ScriptureBank2016.

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  1. I do believe that writing those blessings down makes us pay attention! That’s my favorite thing about the Thanksgiving season (and yes, I am also in awe that December is nearly upon us!).

  2. Thanks for reminding us to keep THIS kind of ongoing, overflowing list front and center … instead of being way-too-absorbed in our endless to-do lists.

    Good invitation, friend! Much needed, too …

  3. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness in hard times. And for a time of relative quiet and rest in our lives, challenges to face, but not quite like last summer and spring. Thankful for my daughter, my son, my grace girl, and my dear husband. <3

    Thankful for you, Kristi, and your always encouraging words here.

  4. I try to write down a few things each day. I’m thankful for a husband who loves the Lord and his family, children who are healthy and active, friends who encourage me and hold me accountable, and an amazing lady who helps with our homeschooling and helps me stay sane!

  5. Hi, I’m visiting from #testimonytuesday. On Thanksgiving I wrote a thankfulness post on my writing ventures in 2016. It’s good to see how God has been faithful to me in writing. Congratulations on your published articles! I’m hoping to have the same reason for thankfulness in 2017.

  6. I am thankful for you, friend. I’ll start my list there. I’ve been in a bit of a reflective mood lately too and I think this time of year just calls for it. It’s a season of new life, of receiving more than we deserve, and giving back. God is so, so good.

  7. Kristi, giving thanks really *is* like exercising a muscle. Some mornings, I have to force myself to stop and think hard about the day before, about the blessings all around me so that I can write down the gifts. And I’m looking forward to your December freebie!

  8. Counting you in my list of what I’m thankful for, Kristi. Writing down three things I’m thankful for every day helps me remember there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Blessed we have Jesus to think for it all! xoxo

  9. I started a gratitude journal in November and have enjoyed seeing things I would most times miss…whether out of busyness or just not paying attention. I’m thankful for this community. You women help me grow in my walk and in my writing. Thank you!!!!