If God Is For Us….

 (Romans 8:30-32 AMP*)
The Lord opened a door of opportunity this week to spend time talking “shop” with fifteen amazing teenagers. The “shop” was a writer’s version, a home school writing club, where we discussed the ins and outs of publishing a book. What a fun time it was and what fun, talented kids they are!
We discussed many of the logistics, but we also hit upon some of the spiritual blockades that attempt to push their way into the picture when we’re stepping out into something new, stepping deeper into our calling. However, I don’t believe these blockades are specific to publishing a book, or writing of any sort. I do believe the devil often attempts to push his agenda upon our endeavors, especially those which pertain to God’s calling in our lives. 
Let’s set the good news out front, first and foremost, keeping it in FULL view:
If God is with us, who can be against us? (Rom. 8:31) 
That good news is primary and is powerful. It is the truth and it comes straight from the Victor Himself. God is with you, God is with me. God is certainly with us. Let’s go! 
Branches, please don’t leave the truth behind, left out of view, as you step forward in God’s calling. Yes, you have a calling. We all do. There are gifts our Lord God Almighty has placed in you for His purposes to support that calling. He has equipped you well and will continue doing so until Heaven. Just step out and go my friend, bringing glory to the King of kings.
As I stepped out to write The Other Side of the Fence, A Lie Masquerading fear reared its head. Writing and publishing were both foreign to me, and because writing this book seemed to be the beginning of a ministry He was (and is still) forming, I knew it was not to be taken lightly. I had never “thrown” myself out there before in such a fashion, sharing very personal stories in such a public manner. Fear certainly attempted to make that fact bigger than life.  But, every one of fear’s ploys amounted to nothing in light of the Truth. When I chose to keep focus straight ahead, on the Truth, forward progress was made. God was with me, and His will prevailed.
Intimidation rang the bell, but it, too, was squelched when God’s Word was placed solidly in first place. God was with me, who could be against me? Every single time I went back to God, success has its stage call. God is good!
And so I pose a question to you in this new year my friend. If God is with you in the calling He has for your life, who can be against you?

No one.

Have a “killer” year Branches, as you step out against fear, intimidation, and all those other lies. Keep your eyes focused on the Truth, remembering that God is with you. I can’t wait to hear your praise reports as you bring glory to the King of kings through your obedience.

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