One Way to Overcome Discouragement’s Curveball

1 Way to Overcome Discouragement


Do you see the batter?

He’s at home base, his foot scraping across the dust-covered white plate. Bits of powdery white lime, the substance used to mark fair and foul, and airy, brownish-orange dust mingle up into the air.

Tapping his cleats, two – maybe three – times on the base, he then bangs his left foot against the bat. A loud, clanging metal noise rushes into the air.

Then, raising his arm and locking his knees, the batter’s body stiffens in a confident, wide, victor’s stance. His finger finds and points to a space in the stands well beyond the outfield fence.

A roar rises from the crowd.

It’s his.

He’s calling his mark.

He’s declaring a homerun.

“Play ball!” the umpire bellows. And they do.

We’re not unlike that batter.

Each day of life is like a ballgame. You and I are the batters, teammates on Team Jesus.

Standing at home plate with bat in hand, our brows often furrow due to discouragement’s pitch. After all, who likes to play an inning with discouragement on the mound? Life’s going well, them wham! Discouragement hits. We didn’t see it coming. Its curve took us by surprise.

I’m hitting the threads off discouragement this round at bat.

We targeted the barrage of discouraging thoughts recently in this post. It’s been a battle for me.

But God is changing that.

He’s nudging that it’s time to hit discouragement’s pitch out of the park with a Holy Spirit swing. Are you ready?

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Curveballs, when pitched, seem to head in one direction, but then they curve.

We swing.

Then miss.

We sulk. (Well ~ I do. Maybe you don’t. If so, good for you. But for the sulkers of us, there’s more.)

Then we sit down in discouragement.

Take me out of the ballgame, Coach.

Why bother?

I can’t hit anything.

Blah, blah, blah…

So we sit down on the base, retreat into our own, little discouraging world, and, like a youngster trying on their ballgame skills for the first time, we doodle in the dust.

The game isn’t going to go well at this rate, is it?

If we want a different outcome, an eternally-focused home run, we’ll have to set dust-doodling aside.

Here’s one help to prepare a batter after discouragement’s curveball.

Tell a friend.

You won’t be a bother. It is important enough. And no, you’re not sounding like a broken record.

Tell a friend.

But be selective.

Tell a Jesus-lover who will be intentional with scripture and prayer, one who will help you kneel at the feet of Jesus. Select a friend who will challenge you, offering anointed words that are the Hur to your Moses, the hand-holding Aaron so desperately needed to hit the ball out of the park.

Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset. As a result, Joshua overwhelmed the army of Amalek in battle. EX 17:12-13 NLT

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These next words were a “Hur” to my own “Moses”.  Discouragement was the battle, but “telling a friend” refocused my eyes on eternity. Today, these words are for you.

Hold fast and fight strong, friend. God is greater and you are precious, prized, and loved…the Lord has reminded me that the devil doesn’t try and steal that which is worthless. He wants that which is of great value to the kingdom…and that is you!! Satan doesn’t get to steal what God is asking you to pursue, so open your front door and tell him he doesn’t get to take your identity and worth…then kick him out in Jesus name!!! ~ Tiffany Parry

That voice of discouragement is the enemy! He wants us to doubt. ~ Kristine Brown

The enemy wants to use anything possible to discourage. ~ Betsy DeCruz

That prowling lion doesn’t try to steal what’s worthless. You are encouraging others in Jesus’ name and that’s priceless. Press on, dear friend! ~ Abby McDonald

…we have an enemy of our souls who wants to snuff out the praise and Truth of God. Praying God lifts your head… ~ Lisa Appelo

Call It For Team Jesus

So my friend, step up to the plate with your Jesus-confident stance.

As Deut. 31:6 says, Be strong and courageous….

Point toward eternity and call it over the fence with confidence – for Team Jesus.

“Play ball!”

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  1. Hi Kristi … thanks for putting this on the table today. Discouragement creeps in so slowly, yet surely, and I see the subtle destruction it eeks out in my life. I need to be quicker in stopping it in its tracks, claiming the truth of Scripture, speaking life into my gray spaces, and connecting with those those who speak truth.

    Love this piece. Appreciate you!!

  2. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to lift you up in Jesus’ name when discouragement hits. It does always come when we least expect it, doesn’t it? Praising God for community and priceless friendship today. <3

  3. Love it!! The writing, the words, and your heart behind them. So grateful that we have that soft place to land in one another and that together, we can fix our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith!!

    1. Yes, Tiffany, we’re fixin’ (as they say in the south) those eyes. #Jesus So appreciate you and His faith glowing from you, friend.

  4. Kristi, what a lovely post! You have wise friends. I’ve found that when I tell a friend about what’s discouraging me, the enemy loses power. Just putting those dark, hurting thoughts into words dissipates some of their sting.

    I love that Jesus has given each of us friends to come alongside us, to speak truth to us and to encourage us with their friendship.

    Great post!

    Visiting from Holly Barrett’s. 🙂

  5. Thank you, Kristi, for being a Hur to my Moses today and being that voice of encouragement. You … me … we will get through this. With God at our side, we can point to the sky, knowing He’s the one who will bring us home. Sweet blessings to you, friend. : )

  6. Aw, Friend, I could just about cry right now! It’s so precious to be on the same Team Jesus with you. This is a good word of wisdom, Kristi: Tell a Friend. I’ve seen it make a difference so often in my own life. Let’s take a swing at Discouragement with the Holy Spirit! And let’s keep running our race.

  7. What wonderful words, Kristi! Yes, discouragement takes its toll. I love your advice – tell a trusted friend. Such a simple solution, but we often don’t want to bother others. Thank you for your words today!

  8. Kristi, LOVE this post! This is one we all struggle with. We all get discouraged at times. We confidently expect things to go our way and then here comes the curve ball. I had a brief moment like that yesterday, that made me want to quit something I love. Thanks for the reminder to get back in the game, because it ain’t over yet!

  9. Kristi, discouragement is such an enemy. I really enjoyed this post and I’m so glad God put us in community to lift each other up. Thank you for such honest and good words today.

  10. Kristi, your words make me aware all over again that when we encourage a sister in Christ we are really carrying the grace of God to her on behalf of Jesus. What a privilege to do it, and what a privilege to be approached by a discouraged Christian who needs building up.

  11. Self-pity can keep us isolated but you are so right–reach out and we will find courage that will overcome our discouraging situation. As I read your post today I realized that reaching out was exactly the right course of action and I’m so glad I did! Visiting from the #RaRaLinkup.