Dear Trials and Troubles – Let God in the Driver’s Seat Now

Dear Troubles and Trials


Dear Troubles & Trials,

I wish I could say we’re through. But life promises time with you. Your vehicle has carried me far too often.

But now?

A driver switch is due.

Troubles and trials, you arise, but do you remember years ago when I sat in your vehicle’s seat? You clicked the buckle tight, slammed the door shut with might.

I had no choice but to go for a ride.

Little did I know Discouragement would slip behind the wheel. I didn’t even see him get in. He turned the key, the engine roared to life, and we were off!

Discouragement took me for a ride.

Scenes danced as I peered through the side window. Troubles, like trees, were everywhere. They garnered my view, gathered my focus, cluttered the countryside, and blocked the Light, too.

Computer gliches.

Temper flaring.

Rebellious children.

Death rearing.

Fear thundering.

Lies uttered.

Not good enough and Who are you? crowded the view.

Wheels turned, stability churned.

I became consumed with the car’s interior stench. It filled my lungs as I inhaled problems and exhaled Discouragement’s smoke. It smelled and reeked of harm.

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Discouragement drove me in circles.

And I’m done. I’ll learn from the drive, but it’s time to move on to something new.

Trouble and anguish have taken hold of me.
Your commandments are my delight. PS 119:143 WEB

Stop the car. Allow God to take the wheel.

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I’ll go no further until He sits there.

Josh. 1:9 Bible verse in gold lettering on white background

So Trials and Troubles, I won’t focus on how hard you are. Peering out the window of what ifs and why couldn’t it be this way, instead? will no longer gather my view. No, not any more.

I will look Above, to God.

My focus will be on Him. That’s where my help comes from. I will pray, “Trustworthy Daddy, show me the way.”

And faith will overflow full.

My help comes from Yahweh,
who made heaven and earth. PS 121:2 WEB

My Daddy will drive.

His help will show the way. And I’ll tell of His mercies.

Oh, it won’t be easy, I’ll not be immune. Trials and Troubles, you’ll still be near, but this time I’ll be buckled in your seat with God at the wheel.

Discouragement’s license to drive me has expired. Permission is no longer granted; it’s revoked this very day.

God will now sit in the driver’s seat. Trust will chauffeur me day-by-day.

Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God.” Mark 11:22 WEB

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I’m set apart for the Lord. My friend here reading this? They are as well.

So we won’t buy the lie that we must sit idly by as Discouragement drives. We know his heaviness too well.

We’re through. We’ll take our past, our lives right now, and offer them to the Lord.

Our Savior’s yoke is easy. His burden? It’s light.

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30 WEB

So when when my friend and I feel heavy, well – feelings aren’t always right. Trials and troubles will come, but we’ll surely put up a fight. We’ll take a breath, utter a prayer, and find thankfulness in God’s Light.

Faith will be our buckler, Truth will be our belt.

We’ll learn from the past, and look to God for help.

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Ever His,


Feel free to share this with a friend who fights discouragement.

The battle is real. God is, too.

Grab the verses above and wield them well. Here’s a prayer, too:


You are holy. You are mighty. You are my refuge and ever-present help. Discouragement covers and muffles courage. It makes life heavy. But your burden is light. Forgive me for believing lies. I won’t believe them anymore.  I’ll run to Your truth instead, Lord. I’ll have faith in You. I’ll delight in Your commands, and I’ll choose Joshua 1:9. And Lord? I’ll praise You with the breath on my lips this very moment ~ and rest as You drive. 


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  1. Thanks for such an encouraging post. Our family is in the midst of some interesting new challenges this year, and at times, have allowed discouragement to slip into the drivers seat. Thanks for the reminder that bumps in the road are normal, and to above all, keep looking to God. It’s a message that our family knows well, yet we are also finding that these frequent reminders are incredibly helpful as we continue to press forward.

    Thank you again. This really was the perfect post for starting my day off right. Wishing you a blessed week!

  2. Hey Kristi … thanks for going there today. I’ve noticed that discouragement seems to creep in far too easily these days. It’s like I’m not surprised that yet one more thing isn’t going the way I had planned.

    I’m trying to be more purposeful in speaking gratitude, writing gratitude, having a grateful heart. This is not always easy, is it …

    Meanwhile, the Spirit guides me to recall how very faithful God has been in the midst of the craziness. Thankfully, even though everything else seems to have shifted, He’s remained rock strong.

    You’ve blessed me today. Thank you …

  3. Oh yes, those bumps in the road. I sometimes forget they are there for a purpose, and how I react to the bumps determines my pattern of spiritual growth. What a great reminder for me today:)

  4. Strength rising here, friend! Those lies can so powerful and the discouragement can have us convinced they are truth. But yes, God is a lifter of our head and He’s so faithful to take over when we welcome Him too. Praying that you are blessed today as you breathe in His grace. Hugs!

    1. Isn’t discouragement sneaky? Love that the Lifter of our head is more powerful. Hugs, Tiffany. So appreciate you.

  5. Beautiful, my friend. Yes, let’s give Jesus the wheel, shall we? I’m so grateful for the beautiful community we have to lift each other up when the enemy of our souls tries to beat us down. You are a bright light shine his love, Kristi. Shine on.

    1. The beautiful aroma of Christ ~ flowing through this community of writers is a fragrance only He could author. So appreciate you, Abby. xo

  6. For some reason, your post made me think of the song “Jesus take the Wheel”. I am so glad that God is the one who is control and has hold of the wheel especially when I am afraid etc. Blessed to be your neighbor at Tell His Story today.

  7. Beautiful and powerful.
    Who doesn’t encounter trials or troubles? I’ve learned that God should really be taking control of our lives especially when trials happen.

  8. Kristi, nothing major or traumatic has happened to me in the last several weeks, but I’ve encountered so many things that have just thrown me for a loop–unexpected situations that have distracted me from what I need to be working on right now. It’s been so comforting to remember that God is fighting my battles for me, and that these things might even be happening to help me depend on him. You’re right… the Lord is with us wherever we go, and I’m so thankful that He is mighty to save us from the enemy of discouragement. 🙂

    1. “these things might even be happening to help me depend on him.” Love it, Lois! You always pen with wisdom. Praise God.

  9. Hi Kristi!
    So glad to be your neighbor at the Linkup on Coffee for Your Heart. It is really so true…what you shared here. It can sometimes sneak up on me/us when we had no idea it was lurking just around the corner. Sometimes it is even hard to determine the source or cause, but putting the Lord in the driver’s seat and trusting Him is absolutely the key! Thanks so much for this encouraging word today!
    Love and blessings!

  10. The battle is real. God is too! You have so many encouraging scriptures here, Kristi. I love the one about lifting my eyes to the hills. My help comes from the Lord.

    Since last weekend, I’ve dealt with a bit of discouragement, but I’ve been doing my utmost to kick Discouragement out of the driver’s seat and hand my keys over to God. It is helping. 🙂

    1. They are powerful Scriptures, Betsy, aren’t they? I think one or two will slip into #ScriptureBank2016 program because I want to ensure these are planted solidly in my heart for those bouts with discouragement. Continuing to pray for you, my “overcomer” friend. xo