How We Can Help New Moms

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How can we help new moms? How about this question first: Have you ever been a new mom? Maybe you know one? Perhaps your church even has a few?

During Tony’s Navy tenure, I found myself wearing the role of “new mom” three times. Joel arrived first followed by Rebekah a couple of years later. Caleb, baby of the family, tidied our family with a boy bow shortly after.

Each time I found myself laboring and delivering these blessings in a location hundreds of miles from family. And when the Navy beckoned, Tony was gone 10 hours after delivering Joel and me home. A handful of years later he found himself halfway around the world as Caleb arrived.

That’s when friends from church wrapped their arms and time around us.

Helping this new mom became their ministry, their outreach.

A baby's hand on an outreached adult hand, Mark 12:31 (WEB) written underneath. " your neighbor as yourself..."

Thank goodness because it’s scary, bringing new life into this world without family near. They drove with me to the hospital, waited alongside as my body labored, and even stood in the operating room as baby #3 made his grand appearance.

Those folks became family. They continue to hold a special spot in my heart – and always will.

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Does your church reach out to new moms? It’s a ministry ripe for the taking. And goodness, it doesn’t have to be a fancy, organized ministry. One-on-one works well, too.

Would you help spread the word? Take a peek at this slideshow I prepared for Feel free to share 10 Ways Your Church Can Help New Moms on social media, with friends, and certainly among folks at your church.

New moms will thank you. I certainly do.


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  1. What a wonderful idea for a ministry! I can only imagine how tough it would be and how I’d feel laboring and going home with a newborn without my husband at my side. So glad you weren’t alone and gained even more “family” than you had before. There is always a need for community when a baby is born. It’s something I’d like to be part of more often!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! ❤

    1. Congratulations on the baby-on-the-way! Exciting times, Michele. When the child grows a bit, will you be showing it how to ride that mower? 😉 <3

  2. So glad you wrote this. When Camilla was 3 weeks old, and Andres 2 years, 3 months, Jose left for a 3 week trip. (Yes, he was gone half of our daughter’s life at that point, and I was in El Salvador.) I feel ya here! Such an important ministry!

  3. Great ideas. Receiving meals and have people offer time to help out were the two biggest blessings to me when each of my kids joined our family!

    1. Glad to hear you were blessed with food and time, Michelle. After submitting this piece, I secretly wished I could scribble a few revisions on it to ensure adoptive parents felt included as well. Gah! Next time…. xo

  4. I have set up meals for new mamas for years so that they have plenty of love + support the first few weeks. I also try to put together a basket of goodies just for them. Postpartum support is so important.

  5. Such a thoughtful article, Kristi. Even though family lives nearby, my church blessed me with meals and visits. I remember feeling loved and included because of their generosity, and I met a few new faces through their ministry. I’ve served meals to new moms too, and it’s a way to build bridges to friendship.

  6. I love this, Kristi. Mostly because when I was a new mom, I was too afraid to ask for help. I thought all the other new moms were masters and I was a mess. It’s such a great gift for us to be able to reach into a new moms life and bring help, even when it isn’t asked for. Great post that matches your beautiful heart. xo

    1. Yes! That whole “too afraid to ask” thing is a thorn, isn’t it? I was similar. In fact, with baby #3, I DROVE to the hospital while my friend rode shotgun. Poor gal was nervous the whole way there, not to mention we stopped for gas! 😉 Thank God for folks stepping in where need is evident.

  7. What great tips, Kristi. I especially like the one about sending encouraging cards. I’ve never thought of that before. Now that mine are 22, 19 and 15, I’m feeling more like I have something to offer younger moms. Thanks for this encouragement to get out there and offer it. 🙂 After I had my first son, and no one from church delivered any meals, I decided to head up a meals-ministry at church. It’s always so meaningful for folks just to be remembered. It’s always a blessing to be the remember-er as much as it is to be the remembered one. Lovely post, friend, thanks for sharing. ((hug))

    1. I can see you as a card writer, Brenda. 😉 You have a sweet way with words. And how neat that you set up a meals-ministry after feeling the firsthand effects of not having one. You’re a keeper!

  8. Kristi- this was a great reminder, we often get focused on our own lives and kids and forget those first-time moms. Your slideshow offered great tips and ideas! I’m pinning this 🙂
    Visiting from #ChasingCommunity