What If I Can’t Find Time for an Outreach?


What if I Can’t Find Time for an Outreach?

Have you ever desired to get involved in an outreach but you didn’t have time or the know how?

My family and I have gone through seasons of busy then seasons of more and more busy. Finding time seems a bit like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But isn’t that the flow of society today? Busy.

As Christians, we’re called to serve others.

For you, brothers, were called for freedom. Only don’t use your freedom for gain to the flesh, but through love be servants to one another.

Gal. 5:13 WEB

Some outreaches are elaborate and time consuming. And good. They’re needed for society and a right fit for some folks. But maybe not us.

Often, I fight guilt in these situations. The shoulda, coulda, what will they think’s hit. But I must remember, and encourage you to do the same: Good opportunities don’t always equate to God opportunities. Choose God.

Serving others proved to be an individual thing. “Right” for them may ring wrong for us. But “right” awaits.

Why not set outreach opportunities in prayer versus sitting in guilt?

Often, it’s pretty simple to simply do something. Little outreaches light up the world as outreach nonetheless. They leave impact. They squeak in where time often runs thin, and many cost very little for the output received.

Below are 5 simple and low-cost or no-cost outreaches for those whose time runs thin.

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1. “Neighbor” with a Widow

This neighboring opportunity sizzles me with excitement. Just last week I sent “3”, our monthly newsletter to subscribers. It contained access to this free, new “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” tool for use in subscribers’ ministry to widows and others.

Consider it a way to connect the younger generation with our golden generation, widows to families. And it’s simple. Pop it in the mail to cover the miles, hand it to a family member under roof, or run it next door. Folks scratch out answers then compare and share, neighbor to neighbor. It’s nothing profound, but it profoundly intrudes on those moments of boredom widows often experience. And, it allows us to walk straight into James 1:27–visiting widows in their affliction.

If you’re interested, simply subscribe to KristiWoods.net then access the subscribers only library to download your free copy. (Password arrives in welcome emails.) Find new ministry sheets each quarter.

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2. Bake Cookies for New Neighbors

A warm plate of cookies, homemade bread, or basket of fruit opens doors. Really. Show up at a new neighbor’s door and watch life unfold. Reaching out to others shows concern and care on our part. Who knows? A door might open to discuss Jesus, church, or prayer. Welcome wagons aren’t so old fashioned after all.

3. Drop a Letter in the Mail

Who doesn’t love good snail mail? Drop a postcard or letter in the mail to someone in the military, a grandchild, a penpal, family members, church members, pastors, and more. Spread encouragement. We all flourish with it. I scribbled on and sent a card Friday. (A few lines added to a card make it short and sweet yet thoughtful.) That card is likely sitting in my friend’s mailbox today, offering a few rays of sunshine.

Who comes to mind that might enjoy a letter?

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4. Phone or Message Words of Kindness and Thoughtfulness

It remains as simple as picking up the phone or keyboard. Quick, simple, impacting.

5. Ask How to Pray for Your Waitress, a Receptionist, & Others

When the waitress arrived, our former pastor, Dan, asked one simple question: How can I pray for you today? What an impact! It took one minute, two at most, but left its imprint both spiritually and naturally.

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However we spend our week and choose to outreach, a few moments await here and there to serve others.

Maybe it’s while waiting in the doctor’s office or in the school parking lot, perhaps it’s five minutes on Sundays or ten just before work. Gather those fringe moments and turn them into simple but powerful outreach.

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  1. Love your simple ideas, Kristi! 3 and 4 are a couple of my go-tos. I love to bake (when my oven’s working), so 2 is one I incorporate as well. Asking to pray for others in person is one I need to incorporate more.

  2. Love this Kristi a good opportunity doesn’t always equate to a God opportunity. Pinning to share with our Living Our Priorities community. Stopping by from By Hos Grace bloggers.

  3. This past Christmas, I put inexpensive treat bags together and visited all neighbors whose property touches ours. What a joy! Great topic for discussion 🙂