Ever Wondered What a Christian Should Pursue? Find It Here.

Have you ever wondered what a Christian should pursue? The thought has crossed my mind. Maybe it has yours too. Psalm 34:14, our next memory verse, lays it out in plain view. Isn’t God good?!

Christians Should Pursue This

We’re called to depart from evil. Followers of Christ are also called to: 

  • Do good.
  • Seek peace.
  • Pursue peace.
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Memorizing Scripture

Have a desire to memorize scripture? Good for you! For more on #WORD18, this year’s memory verse program at KristiWoods.net, click here. You’re welcome to join (or rejoin!) at any time. Find a list of memory verses and other helpful tools on the Free Christian Printables page. 

Check out this post for helpful tips on memorizing scripture.

Two Summer Reading Suggestions for Christians

Christian Nonfiction

Have you ever felt like you were battling to balance mental health amid the busyness or challenges of every day living? As a young mom, I felt that way often. Part of my struggle sat with control, and it morphed into a feeling of being overwhelmed with a spiral into depression. With wisdom from above and change of habits, life flows more smoothly these days. A few habit changes have helped. Here are the Daily Habits I Keep to Help My Mental Health. Feel free to list a helpful habit or two that has impacted you in the comments below.

Christian Fiction

For all you contemporary Christian romance fiction fans (that’s a mouth full!), I just finished Winter Brides and highly suggest it. Authors Denise Hunter, Deborah Raney, and Betsy St. Amant combine forces in these three engaging novellas. It’s a wonderful summer read–even if its focus sits in winter.

Happy reading! 

Bible study on fear cover--light shining on the words Fear What?

Do you struggle with rejection?

Removing the Sting of Rejection

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  1. Kristi, thank you for posting the ‘Daily Habits I Keep to Help My Mental Health’ today. I just want you to know God uses your obedience in the lives of others 🙂

  2. Love this post! #3 and #6 were my favorites. Sticking to a schedule and not overcommitting keeps my sanity. Stopping by from by his grace bloggers.

  3. Wow, I hadn’t seen your daily habits post! Such good ideas. I’m finding that taking time to read this summer is feeding my spirit while giving me the feeling I’m doing something for myself! So good for my emotional health. 🙂