You Are Accepted

This week’s post is short and sweet. It’s truth? You are accepted.

You Are Accepted in Black with yellow daffodil behind

Bear hug it, friends. Keep God’s truth close. Because there will be times when we’re in a group of folks or relocated to a new area, and we find ourselves feeling unaccepted.

And then we have to figure out what do do with those feelings.

Or, we’ll receive that rejection notice, leaving our work and time unaccepted. And we might be tempted to shrivel in fear or think no one likes our work.

It might be an invitation turned down, a request to be forgiven, or something else. Circumstances change, but truth remains.

The words of romans 15:7 in black with a yellow daffodil behind

Even when we don’t feel accepted, Christ already has called us to Him. How about we live like we’re accepted. Truth assures we are.

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Starting Tuesday, April 23rd is Believe, our 4 week Bible study centered on faith. It’s short and sweet but packs a punch and is the perfect follow-up to Easter.

Looking to deepen your faith?

Long to draw closer to Jesus for the journey ahead?

Hold a desire to dig into the Bible and surround yourself with its truth in order to walk steadily through life?

Believe Bible study:
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New Christian and you’d like to grow in maturity?

Bored or lonely and would love to gather with other Christians?

Short on time but hold a desire to study God’s Word?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then this study is for you. Join us. It’s free. There’s no sign-up–except to join us via Zoom video conference. Don’t forget to check out the link above for more info. on the study.

The packet, which we’ll use during the video conference, is free for now but probably not forever. So make certain to download your copy today. 😉

Download the FREE Believe outline/study packet here on the Bible Studies page.

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Happy Easter, friends!

May the risen Savior be yours, and may the hope of His resurrection color your world vividly for the remainder of this year and beyond.

We love you, Jesus! Praise Your holy name.

Do you struggle with rejection?

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  1. Amen, sister 🙂 Short and sweet post bursting with the power of Truth! Thank you for reminding those who will receive.

    1. May our eyes be on Him during this study…and may we walk away changed as a result. Believe. Thanks, Betsy. Love you, friend!