10 Best Christian Fiction Books to Read this Summer

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Christian Fiction Books

Looking for Christian fiction books for the beach or your nightstand? With summer upon us, it’s time to dive into some new summer reading. Here we go!

What Is Considered Christian Fiction?

What is considered Christian fiction? Clean comes to mind. Jesus, too. But this type of writing doesn’t equate to Bible thumpers in story form or a weak genre of writing. It’s deeper and so much more.

Christian fiction often threads together a Christ-centered message and entertainment. The stories contain themes and characters that carry the Christian worldview torch. Typically, they’re clear of brash language, blatant sexual encounters, and a few other situations and “things” readers will easily find in general market novels.

Put it this way: forget grandma’s insta-blush due to the content. So grab a book and enjoy a Christian novel this summer.

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Best Christian Fiction Books 2021

Curious about the best Christian fiction books of 2021? Check out this helpful list. Are any of your favorites on it?

Best Christian Fiction Books of All Time

Lists like these remain subjective unless sales or some other quantifiable category designates “best.” Here are four titles, the best Christian Fiction Books of all time, to include on your to-be-read (TBR) list.

Pilgrim’s Progress, written in the 1600s, remains time-worthy yet today. Beyond the Bible, it’s my all-time #2 favorite book. If you read the unabridged version and are like me, take it in small bites. But keep going. You’ll be glad you did.

56548: Pilgrim"s Progress Pilgrim’s Progress
By Rosalie de Rosset, ed.

Any of the Baxter Series by Karen Kingsbury, but below are a couple of my favorites. These will set you up for a year, or two, or three of solid novel reading.

620221: Take One/Take Two, 2 Volumes in 1 Take One/Take Two, 2 Volumes in 1
44220: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
By C.S. Lewis
525132: Redeeming Love Redeeming Love
By Francine Rivers

Best Christian Books – Nonfiction

For those nonfiction Christian book readers among us, below are five reads on my Best Christian Books list. Most of these are God stories of the author, powerful Christian testimonies if you will. All rank high enough to find their way onto my favorites list. Did they make yours too?

56696: The Hiding Place The Hiding Place
By Corrie Ten Boom
090250: The Cross and the Switchblade The Cross and the Switchblade
By David Wilkerson with John & Elizabeth Sherrill
6582442: Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice of God Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice of God
By Loren Cunningham
413437: Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparision Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparision
By Heather Holleman

Many of us live half alive. We compare, compete, self-analyze, and self-promote in our endless, busy pursuit of perfection. Seated with Christ heralds a new kind of living. If it’s true what Scripture says, the we are treasured by God and given a place at his table, then all we need to do is to take our seats. Heather Holleman shows us how. Take your seat and live–simply, freely, fully–because of Jesus, for Jesus, and in the love of Jesus. Quit trying: be free.
089867: Tramp for the Lord: The Story that Begins Where The Hiding Place Ends Tramp for the Lord: The Story that Begins Where The Hiding Place Ends
By Corrie ten Boom

Other Christian Book Reading Lists

Easy Summer Reads

Many of these reads are either fast-reading short novels, novellas, or short stories. They’re perfect for the beach or vacation. In fact, I took Worthy of Redemption there myself! Find all on Amazon.

  • Worthy of Redemption by Krystina Renae Rankin
  • Take a Chance on Me by Becky Wade
  • Texas Heirloom Ornament by Jessica White, Sarah Meg Seese, & Paula Peckham (In case you’re in the mood for Christmas in July.)
  • The Many Lives of Veronica by Various Authors, including Kristi Woods. (That’s me. 🙂 )
    At the time this post was created, this title’s available on ebook for only $1.99.
Book cover for The Many Lives of Veronica
6 short stories by Oklahoma authors.
Perfect for the beach or quick reading.
Includes a Christian romance by Kristi Woods.

10 Best Christian Fiction Books

For summer reading, it only seems fitting to offer a list of newly released best Christian fiction books. Because, well, summer rings. Many of the “best” books listed below are new. And really good. 🙂

However, it’d be silly to not slip a couple of oldies and goodies on the list as well, plus some that release at summer’s end. These authors’ previously-released stories stand out, and I have a feeling their upcoming releases will, too. So they’re included. Consider it a form of constructive anticipation. Ha!

(By the way, preorder prices typically hit lower price points, so consider reserving your copies before the release dates.)

And goodness, these aren’t ALL of the good Christian fiction books–there’s simply room for “only” ten. By the way, you’ll notice most are geared toward Christian romance with a few other Christian genres sprinkled in.

Hop on over to GoodReads and follow me for more updates on novels and nonfiction books I read. You might find your next favorite title that way. I did!

While there, you can peruse my “BOOKS READ” list to find many other stellar authors and novels for your summer beach and year-round nightstand needs.

Onto our ten novels…

Tammy L. Gray – NEW Release!

New in ’22, but #3 in a fantastic series. If you haven’t read book #1, start there. (Although, not mandatory.)

235934: Love and the Dream Come True, #3 Love and the Dream Come True, #3
By Tammy L. Gray

Nicole Deese – NEW Release!

Another fantastic author I found last year. She’s written other books, and if you haven’t read #1 in the series, start there.

234978: All That It Takes All That It Takes
By Nicole Deese

Becky Wade – NEW Release!

This is book #3 in a series. Oh, how easy it is to love ’em all!

235626: Turn to Me, #3 Turn to Me, #3
By Becky Wade

Robin Patchen – NEW Release!

Lineage of Corruption releases in July. Robin writes a good romantic suspense story. Enjoy!

Book Cover for Lineage of Corruption

Rachel Hauck

Let’s be clear. Most all of Rachel’s books rate high. There’s a reason. The one below happens to be a favorite, but grab any title of hers and consider yourself a happy summer camper.

351009: The Love Letter The Love Letter

Denise Hunter

240532: Mulberry Hollow Mulberry Hollow
By Denise Hunter

Perfect for summer reading is another Denise Hunter novel set in summer.

5222705: Summer by the Tides Summer by the Tides
By Denise Hunter

Charles Martin

This one made the list because it’s one of my all-time fav Charles Martin novels. Let me know if you enjoy this one, too!

084711: Long Way Gone Long Way Gone
By Charles Martin

Katie Ganshert

Wildflowers from Winter is an oldie, but from the nearly 4.5-star review, it’s a loveable story. It’s book #1 in a series, perfect for summer. Even more spectacular, it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited at the time of this writing.

Wildflowers from Winter book cover - woman's gloved hands holding flower bouquet

Tessa Afshar

My daughter loves her books. A good portion of the world does too. Here’s Tessa’s most recent release. From the 4.5-star review average, many folks feel similarly. Take a peek and maybe enjoy it this summer, too.

428762: Jewel of the Nile, softcover Jewel of the Nile, softcover
By Tessa Afshar

Whether you read from this best Christian fiction books list or another one listed above, I hope your summer is full of fun, God, and good reading. Blessings, friend!

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