2 Links for Us to Grab in the Battle with Emotions


It seems whenever I write on a topic, a battle suddenly blazes in that very area. Often it’s steeped with emotions.

Does that happen to you, too?

Maybe it’s not with writing, but simply with spiritual growth. You’re making progress, growing spiritually and leaving ways of the past behind. Then suddenly, BAM! A fire ignites and you’re battling once again. I’m there with you, friend.

Take heart.

Often, the battle is an indication we’re making tracks in the right direction.  #GoJesus!

Emotions sporadically drove my faithmobile for years. But you know what following emotions really is? It’s following the heart. And the Bible warns of the danger.

Here’s an article I wrote for ibelieve.com about conversations I’ve had with my own kids on this very topic. It’s called Why I Urge My Children Not To Follow Their Heart, and it’s filled with God’s truth, words for each of us to tuck in our heart and use well. Enjoy!

When Holidays Feel Heavy, How do we Find Thanks?

The holidays are blowing in like a brisk, north wind. And to some, their arrival feels bitter and cold. The missing loved one we’re grieving leaves us open to the raw, chilling elements of life. It happens, especially when our loved one leaves this earth just before we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

Here’s a thanksgiving piece published last week on Life Letter Cafe. I wrote it last year, shortly after my own father’s death. It was a time when finding thanksgiving was a forced effort. But it was also a foundation for what the Lord was about to do just 2 months later. My hope is it brings encouragement for those hurting, a reminder that God truly is our comforter. Opportunity to thank Him abounds, even when grief closes in.

Join me here: #raralinkup, #TestimonyTuesday, #Heartencouragement Thursday, & #thoughtprovokingThursday.

Do you struggle with rejection?

Removing the Sting of Rejection

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  1. Emotions. Sometimes it is looked at as a negative. As an emotional person, I have found that it can be my greatest strength and also a weakness I have to guard against. The empathy and compassion versus the doubts and frustrations that wage war in my mind at times. My Mother lost both her mother and father around holidays we celebrate. I know there are times of sadness for her. I hope I will see them both in Heaven one day. Thank you for sharing these links Kristy. I know i will be blessed by anything you write;) Have a fantastic week and blessings to you and yours.

    1. Horace, I’m with you, chalking myself up as an emotional person as well. It’s good and godly to be on guard against the wayward emotions. They’re stinkers. ???? But oh, what God can do when we’re in step with Him. Blessings.

  2. Thank you for sharing these as holidays can be tough inside of me for many reasons, yet the world goes on the same with all of this festivity. Sometimes, I just want to hole-up with my thoughts and feelings and leave the world on its own (which my husband and I have done a few times). And these ways of handling the emotional cares of the holidays are alright, I think, because it is just the way we feel for the moment. Other times, we seem able to handle a meal with others or watch children play or listen to the music. I allow my emotions to be who I am because they are (and I am an emotional woman, always have been, even as a girl). Yet I do not sit in a slump either and be taken down. I just like the quiet as does my husband.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome, Linda. I’m praying for you now as we head into the holidays. And yes, sometimes “quiet” is just what the Great Physician ordered. And that’s okay. Have a beautiful, fall weekend basking in His presence.

  3. Love this reminder, Kristi, “the battle is an indication we’re making tracks in the right direction.” Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging mine, sweet friend. xoxo

  4. Looks like we’re both tracking on those difficult holiday seasons these days, Kristi. The holidays can be rife with pain and loss colliding with merriment and expectations.

    Yesterday, a friend told me she wished it was January 2.

    I’ve been there. It’s a challenge, for sure …

  5. Thank you for what you’re doing here, Kristi. I loved the “don’t follow your heart” article. I’m needing again today a reminder about not allowing my emotions to drive my reactions to my people and my life. 🙂