Are You Certain?

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Are you certain? Are you saved?

Are you certain?

We had a phenomenal weekend at church. John Bevere came to speak, yet it was the Lord’s voice we “heard.” Don’t you love it when the anointing of the Lord is oh-so-evident in a Christian’s life and it overflows into the lives of others?  There’s nothing “dead” about a church or person alive with His anointing at work. That’s for certain!

On Saturday’s drive home from such a powerful and encouraging evening, several Honolulu police cars approached, their lights blaring. They cruised past us to an emergency of some sort. One after another, they came out of nowhere, venturing onto the freeway, then shooting off onto various ramps, almost as if they were participating in an elegant, synchronized dance. I had never seen anything like it, and an odd uncertainty arose as I watched this show of lights and action through the windshield. 

Something was wrong.

Driving further down the freeway, the cause of their concern became evident. The sea of red taillights on the freeway assured the emergency waited just ahead.

“Move to the left everyone! Move to the left!” was the call ringing from the speaker on the fire truck. Best we could, five or six lanes wide, we moved to the left.

The emergency vehicles continued to flow past. The trail of fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars alerted that whatever waited ahead was truly serious.


A three-car accident had occurred. Flames, smoke, and the stench of burnt rubber filled the air. A white drape carefully placed over the unrecognizable, yet obviously well-burned vehicle indicated that someone had just completed their life here on earth. (As the news detailed later, it was a young, Honolulu police officer.) My heart cried.

Did He Know Jesus?

I wondered…did he know Jesus? 

After all, my guess is that he had no clue when he woke that morning that it was going to be his last day on earth. None of us know when it will be our time to die. Are we living each day to the full in Him? Have we accepted Jesus as our Savior? Do we have the certainty of heaven? Are we living life full-blast for the Lord?

I know it can seem like such a cliche question, asking about eternity in light of a bad accident, but it was a reality that night as I passed the horrific scene. Did the young officer go to heaven or hell? I don’t have that answer, but the Lord does.

Are You Certain Jesus Is Your Savior?

It would be negligent to not ask you, do you have the certainty of heaven? Have you asked Jesus to be your Savior?

We may have been the wayward son or daughter, venturing far from “good” and that has left us thinking there is no hope, no turning to “good” now. Jesus wouldn’t want us after all, right? We may not look like we have it all together, and we may indeed be on the verge of losing it all simply because we haven’t accepted Jesus.

On the other hand, it’s really easy to do a good thing. We go to church, we help out, and we may even read Christian blogs like this one. We’re a good person. Indeed, we may be Sammie or Susie Sunday, looking like we have it all together, yet truly be on the verge of losing it all. Without Jesus, we have nothing. Without Jesus, we lose it all.

I was in that last category years ago. In my mid 20’s and newly married, I thought I was a Christian. After all, I was good, went to church nearly every Sunday, had a good job, and was a law-abiding citizen. That’s enough, right? My pastor’s wife didn’t seem to think so, and according to the Bible, she was right. There’s nothing in the Bible about being “good,” but there is plenty about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and His forgiveness for our sins.

Be Sure

Lois, this beautiful woman, lovingly encouraged me to “be sure.” I put her off for a while (she made me mad honestly), but eventually the work of this sweet laborer in Christ bore fruit. I asked the Lord to forgive my sins and be my personal Savior (all by myself in a little Ford Ranger) and I am now ever grateful for this woman of God. Jesus forgave my sins instantly and the rest is history. The scene was nothing fancy, but the content and outcome were all good!

He can do the same for you…or your neighbor…or your children…or your co-worker….or your family member…or that stranger that has been placed in your path. Regardless of how good or bad you or they are, please don’t neglect to make heaven a certainty or introducing Jesus to those who might need to. If you’re already saved, please don’t neglect to be that laborer in Christ who brings the good news to others. We never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s never guaranteed, but heaven is when Jesus is in our hearts. 

How You Can Be Saved — and Be Certain

If you want the assurance of heaven and desire to have Jesus as your Savior, simply ask Him. It’s not difficult, just believe. “Jesus, I want you! Please forgive my sins and be my Savior.”

If you don’t know 100% that you’re heaven-bound, please, please, please make today the day that you know. You can talk with Jesus on your own through prayer, scroll to the Salvation button on the Free Christian Resources page, or check out this post on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association page. This, my friend, is about you and Jesus.

And will you do me a favor? Don’t journey alone. Email me. I’d love to pray with you. Make sure you join the family, too. Don’t do this alone. Encouragement and accountability help!

On an ending note, let’s part with this last thought from 3:16-18. This beautiful interpretation comes from The Message.

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