Arise 2012, What a Weekend!

It was an encounter with God, an amazing weekend to say the least. It was one which needs to be “shouted from the mountaintops” in hopes many will pray about and consider attending next year…maybe you? It was the 2012 Arise Conference! Take a quick peek here at the recap video for a quick glimpse of the weekend, perhaps enough to wet your whistle in preparation for next year. 🙂
Also, here’s a quick take from three sweet friends of mine who attended the conference:
I loved the conference. It allowed me to meet new friends and reconncect with some old ones. I loved Donna Crouch’s sermons. They were AMAZING!
God always has a way of meeting our needs, and ARISE 2012 was sure one of them. I was touched seeing so many women come together to worship our Jesus! Every message was powerful and empowering. Excited for ARISE 2013, can’t wait to hear the transformations and see the fruit of the conference. 
…last year I attended the first Arise conference. It was life changing for me. Lisa (Lisa Kai, our women’s pastor) encouraged us to rise up and do something, that we are an answer to someone out there. She then said we went through the trials in our life so we can help others. I began to pray about how God could use me, I didn’t think I had been through anything that could really help others. After the Arise conference, God introduced me to the Angel Tree Ministry. (long story of how it all happened) Angel Tree ministers to families and children of incarcerated parents. I remember my heart skipping a beat. They had ministries for things like this?
My father was arrested when I was 9 years old. He was in and out of prison during his trial. He was gone most of the time until I was 14. He received his final guilty verdict and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
If I helped with this ministry, that meant I would have to overcome a lot of obstacles. I couldn’t help any of these children or families if I couldn’t take care of my old baggage. With the help and prayer from my dear friends Kristi and Kellie, I was able to release my fear of speaking about my past and giving it all over to Him. I was able to forgive people from past hurts that I had held onto since I was a child. I was able to break free from those chains and use my voice for God! Amen!
As soon as I took that step forward, God has taken me on an exciting roller coaster ride. I have come so far in just one year, it’s humbling to think about.
This year’s Arise conference “Advance” made me realize that I needed to do just that. Advance, press forward in Him.
We’ll end this post on that beautiful note. Whether you’re on-island, on an out-lying island, or reading from the mainland, set it in front of the Lord in prayer and go from there.


Whether you go to the conference or not, take this year to advance friends. Press forward in our Almighty God. Let nothing stop you, no fear, no trial, no temptation. He is worthy and, as in Kyra’s situation, the testimony awaits.

He Is!

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