Book Review: Untangled


Some say you shouldn’t get too personal in a book review. That’s likely sound advice. However, Untangled was so good, I can’t help but let the personal seep into this review.

This book rocked. I couldn’t wait to finish it. Several good reads have crossed my path for reviews over the past year. This one ranks among the top, if not in the #1 position. Why? Because it drew me closer to God.

Carey Scott, the author was honest, authentic, and humble. Her tone was comfortable, as though I were sitting in a chair beside her, and lent itself to a journey “with”, not a teaching “to”. She’s one of us, girls, walking right alongside as we allow God to untangle us from lies of life’s past.

Her story begins with abuse. Those who have been gripped by abuse’s ugly touch will understand. Carey comes alongside victims in this work. She beams a light of hope and a future, authored and untangled by God.

The sting of abuse isn’t necessary, however, to grasp this read and dive full-force into its pages. She covers tangles from friendships, expectations, domestic disappointments, social media, and success to name a few. One or more will likely be common to each of us.

Carey relays God’s untangling of life’s harms, misunderstandings, and wounds as a journey, not points for perfection. She makes it clear that she’s on the journey too, and she certainly points to the Lord as the ultimate Untangler. Her words realistically and enthusiastically turn eyes toward the Lord, not “how to” steps.

Bloggers and speakers, among others, might consider picking up a copy of Untangled. Carey includes her own tangles with ministry and the blogging/writing/speaking/social media arena. Although it’s never warm and fuzzy, reading about another person’s struggles, it is refreshing and encouraging to see someone who “gets it” and has scaled the mountains we may be facing. The encouragement overflows.

I hope you pray about and consider picking up a copy of this book here or at a store where books are sold. When it’s the right time, the words on its pages will likely speak volumes.

Note~ This is my honest opinion in exchange for a review copy supplied by the publisher.
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  1. Kristi, I love reading a review for a book that I’ve also worked on. So great to get someone else’s perspective, and also to be inspired by the beauty of your blog. Blessings on your week!

  2. Kristi, always love hearing about books that others love and recommend with such passion and enthusiasm. Glad to hear that she included some of her own tangles with ministry, writing, media, etc. Sounds like something I’d like to read sometime. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Kristi, I’m thankful yours is the first time I’ve read you shouldn’t get too personal in a book review since my feelings always seem to escape in my words. : ) I hadn’t heard of the book either but will be looking to pick up my own copy. Thanks for the recommendation. : )

    1. Feelings sneak into mine nearly every time as well, Crystal. “They” can keep theirs “not too personal”. Mine probably always will have personal feelings etched into the post pages. 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like a much needed book for those wrestling with insecurity…and truth be told, aren’t we all, to some degree? Having spent many years struggling with that and finally overcoming it with the help of the Lord, I will have to keep it in mind to recommend.

  5. Wow, this sounds like a wonderful book! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the recommendation, Kristi, and thank you for your sweet visit to my blog. You words encouraged me so much! God bless you! 🙂