The Lord said to Moses, 
Has the Lord’s hand (His ability and power) 
become short (thwarted and inadequate)? 
You shall see now whether My word shall come to pass for you or not.
Numbers 11:23 AMP**
Have you ever known a passage from the Word in your head, but somehow, someway, its rock-solid, firm understanding was still missing from your heart?  I’ll certainly raise my hand on that one. I’ve wrestled a bit with several portions of Scripture, knowing they are true for others because the Lord says so. However, when it comes to me, could it really be true? Something inside leaves room for doubt, a bit of a Doubting Thomas, I suppose.
This week there has been a transfer of understanding from my head to my heart; the doubt has been dispelled as the dose of reality of God’s strong arm has become very real heart-knowledge. (And I am ultra-excited to share this with you!)
Our youngest son is a precious boy who has a special heart after God. When he was three he prayed with fervency for his daddy to arrive home safely from deployment. When that came to fruition, his prayers (without outside assistance) turned to thanksgiving for a safe deployment. He taught me in those first moments of thanksgiving.
Caleb is now a few years older and is still precious. In the past three or four years we have noticed the calm, precious Caleb being hidden behind a veil of hyperactivity at various times. This root of hyperactivity inevitably reared its head whenever soda, juice, or sugary snacks were in his diet. We diligently tried to limit and prevent these items from his diet because the aftermath simply wasn’t worth it.  Keeping patience in the midst of the storm of activity and outbursts was difficult to say the least, and it was deeply affecting our little guy’s heart. In fact, in one recent conversation he asked me if the doctors could help remove whatever it was that was causing the hyperactivity. That conversation truly made me sad.
Fast forward to this week as we touched down in California to visit old Navy friends (from Norfolk, VA) before the start of our trek across the US. Of course eating out was on the menu, Monday especially because California is the land of good Mexican food. Included with the delicious fare were Shirley Temples for the kids. We debated, knowing that the aftermath would not be pretty; however, we journeyed forward into the land of sugar. And it started. The hyperactivity began rearing its head near the end of dinner. It wasn’t full-blown yet, but we knew the next morning would be a show-all for the hyperactivity’s full thrust. That was Monday night.
Sometime in the wee Tuesday morning hours around 3AM, I awoke to find myself praying for Caleb, both during sleep and continuing on as I awakened. There was a strength present, His strength, and it was obvious we were doing battle against something evil. That something evil was hyperactivity. Obviously this was not simply a “sugar thing” as my husband and I had thought, but rather was a force of darkness inhabiting our little Caleb…and it was time for it to go! The Holy Spirit counseled that I should take my authority as the mama and cast this spirit out. So I did. And because of the Lord’s strength and power, it left. His arm was most definitely not too short.
A calm little guy arose the next day. I watched tentatively; the calm remained. We gave him pop for lunch, purposely watching for evidence of our miracle, and we received it! We have our Caleb back. Hallelujah! The peace continued all day long as our little guy played like normal, like a child of God living under the covering of His long-armed Father. It was not the typical hyperactivity of the past; it was the peace of the Lord.
I rejoice in the strength of my Lord and in His miracles. I rejoice in His wonder-working power that displayed itself so beautifully in Tuesday’s wee-morning hours. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and could never have conceived in my own mind. It was truly and unequivocally the Lord. I’m forever grateful for His mercy, love, and hand that is amazingly adequate. To Him be the glory…yee-haw!

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