Doing Busy Better {Book Review}

Book cover for Doing Busy Better, a Christian nonfiction book
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Updated 7.21.21

“I don’t want to get more done; I want to get more of the right things done.” ~ Glynnis Whitwer

Doing Busy Better is not a book about accommodating a busy schedule.

It’s not a read that stresses and presses more onto our already-weary shoulders.


These words of Glynnis Whitwer spring forth with gentle nudging.

They are the hand that turns our face toward God Almighty, encouraging our eyes to settle on the One who knows the plan.

To look to Him concerning life’s to-do’s and when to do them.

And goodness, to know when to be busy due to God-ordination – and when to simply rest.

If you’re looking for a book that will take you deep emotionally and cause you to cheer and bellow with excitement – don’t pick this one.

But if you’re looking for a read that’ll cause reflection and soft questions sent to God, this is it.

I found myself reading with the gentle flow, then suddenly a sentence, like the one at the beginning of this review, would step right off the page, grab my arm, whisking both me and my thoughts straight to heavenly places.

There were many causes to pause and ponder.

If you’re similar to me, this book may cause you to whisper prayers to God concerning your personality make-up, life’s schedule, and life participation.

Honestly, it caused me to feel better about being a slow-paced person in a fast-paced world.

And that’s a victory.

A quote by Glynnis Whitwer for her book Doing Busy Better

In each of its 13 chapters, Doing Busy Better champions God’s purposes and plans for our lives and schedules – not our own sometimes meddling version of controlling life.

It’s about releasing and trusting the busy of life and rest to Him.

Doing Busy Better by Glynnis Whitwer is available now at Proverbs 31 Ministries and wherever books are sold.

In exchange for my honest review and opinion, Revell Publishing supplied a free copy of Doing Busy Better.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your take on this book. I found it freeing to think about the fact that God only had a few things He did on each day of creation. So maybe I should consider that when I make my to-do list. 1-3 things. 🙂