We’re Almost Done! Grab Your Next-to-the-last Verse Here

PS 34:21 written in black with a white background and light greenish blue line at the bottom with KristiWoods.net, a light greenish blue scroll above the Psalm.

Don’t you love how each verse of Psalm 34 speaks words of deep, like fingers pointing toward sound and solid direction or love-filled warnings tacked straight to the heart?

We’re memorizing Psalm 34 this year on KristiWoods.net. This is our next to the last verse! (Wow! Right?!) If you haven’t joined us, it’s not too late. Really. There’s no time like “now” to dig into God’s Word.

Find more about our memory program and past verses at this blog link or here on Pinterest.

How to Memorize a Bible Verse

Not sure how to memorize Bible verses? Many of us don’t. No need to feel shy about it. Here’s a link to a few suggestions on KristiWoods.net. Also, my friend Betsy at Faith Spilling Over has a few solid ideas here as well.

How do you best memorize scripture? Let us know in the comments below. Who knows? Your jotted thoughts might be the key to help others grab hold of God’s Word.

Hello biblical literacy.

Coming Soon…a Bible Study!

Stay tuned for FaithFull, a 2019, 1st quarter Bible study here on KristiWoods.net centered on the faith that fills us up.

2019 Memory Verses

Will you be joining us in 2019 to help stamp out biblical illiteracy?

As Christians, we need the Bible. Its verses illuminate a dark path, shedding light for each step we take. How else do we know to make work, parenting, marriage, and every day decisions?

What verses would you like to memorize in 2019 to help better familiarize folks with God’s Word? I’d love to hear. Maybe there’s a theme or specific scriptures? Post your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to email me at [email protected].

Also, make certain to subscribe to KristiWoods.net–if you haven’t already. Be in the know, not missing the information or verses because life grows hectic 😉

Your Input?

Is discouragement your main battle, jealousy, or even offense?

Do you hope to see more posts centered on word studies, devotions, scripture memorization, or…???

This is a call for your input and preferences on or before Friday, Nov. 9.

Would you please offer 5 minutes to answer 5 questions? Your responses to this survey help me create faith-bolstering content for you, other readers, and myself as we walk deeper with God in 2019.

Several of you clicked the survey link listed in Friday’s newsletter. (Subscribe to KristiWoods.net and receive your monthly newsletter and free access to downloads in our subscriber-only library each month.) Your responses are helping already! Thank you.

May KristiWoods.net be a place for us, deepening faith, and our generous God.

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  1. Well, you know I need all the help with my memory! ???? Such a great Psalm to learn, too. Thanks for cheering others on in their memorizing of Scripture— I needed that reminder!