Poured Out

And hope does not disappoint us,
because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit,
whom he has given us.
Romans 5:5 NIV*
It is with striving, striving and more striving that we often seek the love of the Lord.


“This is so hard!”

“I don’t know how to do this!”

“Where are you, God?!”

“I’m tired!”

They all cry forth like broken records. Perhaps they all mirror striving of sorts?

We love the Lord, yet it feels as if we’re wringing a wet cloth in hopes of receiving a few drops of Him. The harder we squeeze that cloth, the more of God we’ll get. It’s all based upon our strength, our ability to wring with the best of them. We’re striving for the love of God.

Oh sweet friend…our God is not in the business of striving. God is in the business of love… pouring that love into and over willing vessels, lavishing it upon us, not scrimping. He doesn’t need our strength (in wringing); we need His.

The striving can be so tiring, I know. I’m with you, girl! Recently I found myself caught in the whirlwind of striving. It was tiring. It was frustrating. It was definitely not God’s desire. And, honestly, I think most of my walk with my Lord, up to that point, had been based upon striving. Gasp! Perhaps that is why gentleness eluded me often and compassion seemed to hide its face on an all-to-frequent basis. I just didn’t understand His love.

Recently my amazing God revealed to me His desire and ability to pour His love over His sweet vessels. This desire is intense, it’s not a give-or-take type of thing, and it’s built upon the utmost of compassion. He has given us the Holy Spirit, proof positive of His love poured out. And, it is not a trickle, it’s a genuine, full-strength pour girls.

When I rested and comprehended His love being poured forth, well, words simply cannot describe it. I was drenched in His love and it was amazing. I knew His love was BIG and it was “there” waiting on me to acknowledge it. There was a calm, there was a freedom, and there was a smile of understanding. I suddenly knew I didn’t have to strive, worry, think it through or hold hands with frustration. I just had to rest and know that His love already flows and that He’s there.

I believe our Lord has an intense desire for us to simply rest because He intensely loves us. His love is not a trickle, it is a full-flow pour ladies. I believe He is watching, waiting for us to sense and experience that which He has poured already.

Indeed, that is what He has in store: pouring, not striving.
And, oh, the beauty of the pouring.


His love poured out is restful.

His love poured out is peaceful.

His love poured out is simply beautiful, simply right, & simply available to all of us.

Call on Him today. Stand under the flow as He pours into each of us, won’t you?


We come in thankfulness for hope and for Your Holy Spirit. Only by Your wisdom do we understand the love that is poured into us; open our eyes and hearts to that wisdom so that we truly know. Your love We desire to understand and sense Your love in new ways with new counsel. We’ll allow hope to arise and striving to cease, in Jesus’ name. 

We love You. 

With Much Love,

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