Daniel 3…From the Fiery Furnace to Promotion

“We do not need to defend ourselves!” 
was the cry, the thought…the ambition in vs. 16.

Wow, they were letting go. Just like Jesus, they felt no need to say, “Hey, you can’t do that to me! Here’s why….” Instead, they continued to walk in the will of their Father, heading to the fiery furnace, trusting that He was able to save (vs. 17) and that He could rescue. They weren’t running to their own solutions with their own strength, but were steadfastly following the call of and trust in their Lord.

They were bound, and the picture looked tumultuous. Life’s circumstances and others had “bound” them in an unfair and ugly way. Going to the fiery furnace appeared to be certain death in the eyes of man, and it’s likely that others voiced their “concern”, yet it was precisely there that they walked in the presence of the Lord. It was there that they found freedom. Can you imagine what life would have been like had they not have been willing to go where the heat was turned up a bit?

They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, 
nor was a hair of their heads singed; 
their robes were not scorched, 
and there was no smell of fire on them. 
Daniel 3:27 NIV*

How beautiful the situation!  Jesus came and they found freedom.  How true for us today as well.  When we release “defending” ourselves and, instead, trust in our able God, even if it means spending time in the fiery furnace of life, of a situation, etc., He comes alongside and freedom is found. Whatever or whoever tried to bind us, even if it is ourselves, will find an unsuccessful attempt in the face of His love.

He is able to save.
He is able to rescue.
He is love poured out on us.

What a great season to walk in this, believe in this…to see this. It’s still Easter, although it’s technically a couple of days after Easter. It’s day 3 of the Resurrection as I’m writing this. How beautiful to know we can go to the fiery furnace, bound in the shackles of life, yet we can emerge unbound and unharmed.  That’s our Jesus!

Not only can we emerge unbound and unharmed, but we can walk out smelling like a spiritual rose, not with the stench of fire, and can find promotion in the midst. In fact, my guess is that the three would never have experienced “getting past” the situation, or spiritual promotion, had they refused to trust and face the danger head on.

Sometimes we have to face and walk through situations before we’ll see the power of our Lord. It is there, in the fiery furnace of circumstances that we learn amazing lessons of the power and love of our God. When we are willing to give up our lives (defending ourselves, our will, our desires, etc.) rather than serve or worship any other god, we find Him and we find promotion, or the next step in spiritual maturity. 

They trusted in him 
and defied the king’s command 
and were willing to give up their lives 
rather than serve or worship any god 
except their own God.
Daniel 3:28b NIV*

Be encouraged this 3rd day of the Resurrection as you trust in His saving power for all of life’s circumstances and situations.

He Is!


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