The Holy Spirit and You: You’re Not Alone

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The Holy Spirit and You: A Story

“I’ve been having dizziness that comes and goes, but mostly stays,” my husband said, his feet hanging from the exam table. His methodically voiced words mimicked a fine, hand-crafted piece of artwork; they were slow and carefully fit together. The grimace on his face begged a different story. The heavy eyes and frown relayed that this was no piece of artwork. He simply wasn’t feeling well.

It had been a week of sleeping and remaining under the clutches of blankets, their warmth soothing his chilled and fevered body. The dizziness was a fairly recent occurrence that refused to cease and desist. It was a wild week, battling that Influenza B bug.

“You know, the inner ear is like a gyro. You know what a gyro is, right?” the doctor asked.

“Yes,” my husband answered, his years of military service overflowing their container of knowledge. Even in his heavy-laden, sickly state,  he understood the meaning of a gyroscope.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

A gyroscope, better known as a gyro, is an apparatus that helps maintain orientation. It’s used to determine direction. Its invention, among other things, enables pilots to fly airplanes level, greatly increasing their chances of arriving safely at point B from point A.

My husband’s inner ear was impacted by the virus, and his equilibrium–orientation for day-to-day living–was a confused mess. North was not north. Left was not left. Standing without the room spinning was a feat yet to be obtained.

Like an inner ear, we have a gyro for life. It’s that inner voice, truth that pops out from the Bible, that in-your-gut “knowing” that guides us and directs us in decisions and paths for life. It gives us strength when we are otherwise weary, confidence where there appears to be none, and wisdom versus confusion. And it all balances in agreement with God’s holy word.

Who is the Holy Spirit? He’s that gyro.

 I will pray to the Father, and he will give you another Counselor, that he may be with you forever:

John 14:16 WEB

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The ministry of the Holy Spirit emanates with wisdom from Above. He convicts and leads, He counsels with faithfulness and power. He intercedes and draws us to eternal hope.

In Him, we shake off that perpetual state of confused, room-spinning messiness. Because in Him, truth resonates with something deep and powerful.

Heaven knows I’ve tried living without Him. The mess doesn’t work. It’s a dizzying tailspin.

Using our own understanding, we often wrestle with forgiveness seemingly too difficult to offer or accept.

With our human focus, we experience confusion about plans and the future.

In our strength, fear attempts to blot out courage and true, heavenly love.

But with the Holy Spirit, wisdom, love, forgiveness, and a crowd of righteous realities find their place in our lives.

Because the Holy Spirit was sent when Jesus ascended, we’re not alone. During my years as a military wife and when my husband headed out to sea, I often felt alone. You might too. But truth assures the Holy Spirit accompanies us. Grab onto truth and hold on, friend.

Holy Spirit Power

What is Holy Spirit power? It’s power from Above seeped with wisdom far greater than man’s. Here are ways we sometimes realize the Holy Spirit is with us.

  • “Knowing that you know”
  • A Bible verse revelation
  • The prompting to live a life of restoration and redemption
  • Wisdom that’s beyond our own

In the same way, the Spirit also helps our weaknesses, for we don’t know how to pray as we ought. But the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which can’t be uttered.

Romans 8:26 WEB

Jesus and the Holy Spirit

The droplets of blood became a crimson flow. The labor of breath heavied then ceased. The stone that held the King captive proved to be no match.

Jesus arose.

He ascended.

He assured us He’d not leave us alone. And He didn’t.

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The Holy Spirit Remains

The Holy Spirit remains. He teaches, convicts, helps, intercedes, and counsels for our days wandering the earth. All with power and wisdom.

Have you sought Him out for your journey? Or, are you approaching and wandering through situations solo? We might wear the Christian label, yet self-will propels us to run ahead. We might not know Christ…yet, and this Holy Spirit talk sounds foreign. Opportunity awaits in either thought process.

Spend time today thanking God for His Holy Spirit. And if you’re not sure who He is, here’s one of my favorite websites for scriptures on specific topics. The previous link contains a list of Bible verses focused solely on the Holy Spirit. And here‘s one from Moody that offers further explanation and understanding.

It’d be a fantastic word study, too–Holy Spirit. A helpful word study template can be found in this Bible Journal.

Bible Journal pages available in the Kristi Woods Etsy Studio

Don’t settle for a seemingly powerless, lifeless, check-off-the-list Christian walk. There’s more.

There’s One walking with us who assures it. The Holy Spirit and you, what a wonderful combination.

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