Yes, You Can Bloom


I wonder if Sarah ever thought she was too old to stand solidly within the center of God’s will? Of course she did. That’s what it boiled down to, wasn’t it? An age issue.

Oh, Sarah. I can relate.

God told Abraham, You will have a baby.

Sarah overheard and retorted to Abraham, “Who me? I’m too old. And Abraham, you’re an old geezer! We could never do what God says, our bodies wouldn’t allow it.” In today’s terms, this is what I imagine Sarah spouting at the notion. (Gen. 18:12) After all, wrinkles and newly formed stretch marks seem such a dichotomy, and I’m sure they were in Sarah’s day as well. Perhaps their dichotomy planted a seed, or should I say “weed” of doubt?

Age was a factor to Sarah.

Age was no matter to God.

There are days. like Sarah, when I doubt God.

Where is this plan of yours, God? Will it ever be fulfilled? I’m getting too old, God.


Your reason for doubting may be different than mine, but take a minute and search. Is there doubt lingering, undermining the very purposes of God in your own life? Be honest, because that’s how we bloom and grow.

When the lingering undercurrent of “I’m too old” hits, it’s usually because my eyes have been focused on the world and those around me. But when I glance back at God, he grabs a hold of my view and refocuses me.

God, did I really hear you? I could be out making money right now, helping to support our family. Is this what you want me to do? Am I on your plan, because that’s where I desire to be.

I prayed that prayer last year, a couple of months into focused writing and speaking, spreading his aroma through my words. Things were quiet, people asked what did I do all day, and I questioned whether my words were making a difference. After all, this God seed had quietly rested in the soil for nearly fifteen years. Maybe I didn’t hear him after all. Maybe this talent was a figment of my own imagination.

Within two weeks of that prayer, there were four concrete affirmations. There was no doubt the Lord was prompting me to move forward, to bloom right where I was planted.

In what area are you called to bloom? Is there an Issac about to be born? Has God planted a seed that’s nearly ready to germinate? Don’t abort that seed. It may not make sense to others or from a worldly view, but stand with unwavering faith, my friend. Age, circumstances, past mistakes, and the doubts of others make no difference to God. He simply needs a willing vessel, one that’s open, one the that will allow him to birth the promise.

Sarah went on to birth Issac. She birthed the promise, the beginning mark of God’s everlasting covenant. And it was good. There was impact, to say the least.

Earlier this week I attended a writer’s group meeting. It was only my second. The folks were strangers for the most part. In lieu of a speaker, April’s spotlight was on the writers and their writing. We were each given the option to read our work aloud in front of the group. I jumped at the chance without thinking twice, because if I would have thought, I would have stopped. There would have been no reading from this gal!

The cheerleading in my head went something like this: This is God’s plan. You are called to share the words He has placed within you. This is for his glory, not your own. Step out.

I shared (this). I hope you share, too. I hope you share the gifts and talents God has placed within you to bring glory to his name. I hope you don’t allow the lies of doubt to stop you in your tracks, or to push you offtrack after being on path for a time. Ultimately, God is the gardener, and we bloom and grow to bring glory to his Almighty name. Girl, you have talents and gifts that are meant to be used. Use them.

After nearly three years of silence in the areas of teaching and speaking, I shared the words with that group. They were words that encouraged, words that were a call into a deeper relationship with God. Those words, in the center of his presence, is where I was supposed to be. I no longer doubt.

What about you, my friend? There is an “Isaac” in all of us, waiting to be birthed, quite possibly on the precipice of its bloom. If you are in a place of doubt, consider taking it to the Lord in prayer. Consider asking for direction, confirmation, or reassurance. Center your eyes on the One that can truly give vision. And then go, bloom where you’re planted, my friend. Yes, like a beautiful magnolia, bloom.

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Much love,

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  1. Lies of doubt certainly will stop us in our tracks if we believe them. Such encouraging words of wisdom, Kristi. Thank you for sharing the Isaac analogy. I certainly tend to think of myself as a past-my-prime Sarah. I needed these words today.

    1. Oh Janet, you are certainly not past your prime. You’re not even named Sarah. 😉 Thankful for a God who gives us words when we need them.

  2. I’m. So. There. I could’ve written this myself! Thank you for your honesty and your encouragement through beautiful written words. Praying for you as He continues to confirm this calling upon your life! #livefreeThursday

    1. Your words bless me, Suzie. Thank you for being generous with them. Even more so, God has blessed me. Why it’s been hard to trust him and share those blessings with others, I’m not sure. However, the bottle’s open and tipped up now. Here we gooooooooo…. #GoJesus

  3. Just because God’s time frame is different from ours doesn’t mean He won’t deliver. He can make us bloom, no matter the season we’re in. 🙂

    So inspiring!

    Have a blessed week!

  4. “Age was a factor to Sarah. Age was no matter to God.” We could replace the word “age” with so many things … resources, time, ability … but none of that matters to God. Thank you, Kristi, for words that encourage me to follow His call and remember He is faithful to fill in where I fall short.

    1. Yes, we could replace “age” with just about anything. Your comment opened a whole new world of thought to me, Crystal! xo