Tired of Not Feeling Good Enough? Grab this.

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Tired of not feeling good enough? I have a story to which you might relate.

Many voices chimed one, similar answer. I sat astounded.

Computer keys clicked as I asked a “crowdsourcing” question on my personal Facebook page. A beautiful group of friends and family sitting on the other side of computers worldwide, offered their helpful input. Feeling “not good enough” waved its victory flag as the #1 answer.

And funny enough, that has been my #1 battle as well. Do you combat the feeling of not being good enough, too?

  • Not good enough as a mom
  • Not spiritual enough
  • Not good enough as a wife
  • Not a good enough employee or friend
  • Simply not good enough.

Isn’t it funny He inscribes names on the palm of His hands –

yet we don’t feel good enough.

How about the fact that all have fallen short of His glory?

Yet we somehow measure with comparison, forgetting we’ve all fallen. They’re good enough. We’re not.

Feeling Good Enough because We’re God’s?

What about those beautiful words from Psalm 139:14, the words assuring how fearfully and wonderfully we’re made?

His work is wonderful – in “them”, but not us.

We fight against the truth.

We gather a whole argument – feelings of why we’re not good enough.

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But remember, those are feelings. And feelings are often fickle and false. Why not grab prayer and ask for the truth concerning worth?

Heart change is His specialty. So spend some time alone with God. Grab a prayer and sit with the One who tells you truly who you are. Ask Him to change your heart. He’s faithful – and powerful. And He’ll hear.

I wrote a piece for iBelieve.com about this topic and  9 others. All are lies the enemy tosses our way in hopes we’ll grab ahold, allowing temptation to take us for a ride. The iBelieve.com article, 10 Lies the “Father of Lies” Will Tempt Us to Believe, can be found here.

A Prayer for Those Ready to Release the Feelings of Not Being Good Enough


You are good. You are faithful and loving. Your love abounds. Your work is wonderful – even your work in me. Father, forgive me for not trusting you with my worth. I want to trust. Change my heart – to one that knows I’m good enough simply because of Jesus. Help me see truth. Uncover the lies. I give you permission to remove them and fill me with your truth instead. Come, Holy Spirit. Counsel me well. Thank you, faithful God, for listening. I love you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. I’m definitely going to grab some prayer time with my Heavenly Father this morning and work on a little heart-change myself:) Thank you for the encouraging word just at the right time. Blessings, Kristi. <3

  2. So glad you are here to point us to the truth, friend. I think we can all relate to that “not good enough” lie. We’ve all bought into it. I’ve been thinking lots lately about taking my thoughts captive. šŸ™‚

  3. Thia prayer is great, Kristi! Yes, I’ve felt not good enough many times, I need to turn those lies off and believe the truth God says about me!

  4. Oh, that last one…the busier you are the better Christian you are. Satan loves to use our good intentions against us, doesn’t he? Not today, satan! šŸ™‚ — Perfect list of lies, Kristi. — Thankfully, He’s more than enough, so I don’t need to be…all I need to do is stay in step with Him. Good reminder, friend. ā™„

  5. Thanks for this, Kristi. Such great thoughts and truth here. Women certainly relate to not feeling good enough. Love the prayer and I’ll be praying it for myself. Love these lines, “Change my heart ā€“ to one that knows Iā€™m good enough simply because of Jesus. Help me see truth. Uncover the lies.” Amen! Blessings!