Coming Soon! It’s Psalm 34 and #WORD18

Coming Soon! #WORD18

You’ve spoken. Readers of chose Psalm 34 as our “memory verse” for 2018.

That’s right.

We’ll be tucking the whole Psalm, one verse at a time, deep within our hearts. We’ll set God’s Word on solid footing, soaking it within our being so we’ll not sin against Him.

PSALM 34 – it’s a goodie.

Tell your friends.

Challenge someone to learn it alongside you.

Gather an accountability partner.

And for goodness sake, make certain to sign up on the mailing list at if you haven’t already. Don’t miss a single verse.

Let’s chew on PS 34 in 2018, memorizing every morsel.

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, it’s #WORD18.

How to Memorize Scripture

Ever wonder how best to memorize scripture? Here is a past post you might find helpful with the endeavor. 😉

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  1. Good morning, Kristi! And is it even possible we’re talking about January?

    Sigh … I’m still waiting for 2017 to catch up with me.


    Thanks for the reminder of how important accountability is in our spiritual journey.

    1. Hi Myrtle! I’m so glad you’re going to join us. There’s one, easy last step. Simply enter your email address above the “subscribe” button over on the right side of That’s it! You’ll begin receiving post emails, including every single #WORD18 post. Let’s do this!