Is Your Citizenship in This Safe Place?

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Your Citizenship

Do you live, think, eat, and breath like your citizenship sits in this place?

As I prepared the verse graphic below (which, by the way, is free to print for personal or ministry use–just right mouse click) I stopped to consider the question.

What if we lived, TRULY LIVED, as though our citizenship sat solidly in heaven? Would that change how we interact with others? The words we offer? How we pray? What we believe about others and ourself? The possibilities we imagine?

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Sometimes I house a small view. I limit God–what He can do in and through me. And goodness, what He has already completed and promised.

I want a bigger view–to believe more. Maybe that’s why God gave me the word “believe” this year–even though I’m not a “one-word” kind of girl!

What if we BELIEVE and operate daily with assurance our citizenship sits in heaven?

Can you imagine? Oooooweeeeeee!

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If you’re born again, that’s where your citizenship sits. In heaven. Period.

If you’re not certain you’re born again, check out this post or scroll to the bottom of this page. Heaven’s citizenship remains yours for the taking!

More on Memory Verses:

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday look for a post here on containing a new memory verse. This year those verses focus on our true identity.


Can you imagine the power of God displayed in us when we truly know who we are in Christ?

Our past 2019 memory verses assure we are:

Soak in ’em, friend. This is you.

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Your Thoughts?

A huge THANK YOU to those who already responded to the upcoming “Believe” bible study survey. You rock! Thanks for helping me form a study to and for people just like you. Sweet!

If you haven’t already responded the 3 short questions and would like to, click this link (opens in a new tab) click this link.

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Do You Pray for Future Generations?

God stirred me recently to pray for my future grandchildren and several generations beyond them. None of them have been born yet, but God is thinking of them. If you’re interested in reading more about this and praying for your future family members, check out this piece I wrote for

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  1. I love this verse about our citizenship. Just last night, I got to attend a prescreening of the new animated The Pilgrim’s Progress, which I’ve never read. (Have you???) Watching the film was a great reminder that we are never alone on our journey, AND that we are headed to our heavenly home.

    1. Pilgrim’s Progress is one of my favorite books, and I made sure our children received the children’s version as well. Glad you got to preview the movie, Betsy. I have had that opportunity yet.